As a Voice Actor, Adler has appeared as series regular in over 125 animated series often playing opposite himself.

He was nominated for an Annie Award for his multiple roles as Cow, Chicken and the Red Guy in the Emmy Nominated series “Cow and Chicken”, was Baboon in “I.M. Weasel” (opposite Michael Dorn) and can be currently heard playing 5 roles (including Cobra Commander) in the “GI Joe Resolute” Internet series as well as reprising Cobra Commander in Hasbro’s “GI Joe Origins” series on the HUB.

Also currently airing is his manic Mr. Whiskers in Disney’s “Brandy & Mr. Whiskers”3 roles in “Pet Aliens”, 3 roles in “Shuriken School”, 3 roles in “Space Goofs”, 2 roles in “Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks” for PBS and Dr. Doom and his mother Coco Von Doom in “Marvel Super Hero Squad” and  has directed two Marvel Super Hero Games for THQ.

Voiced By Charlie Adler

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