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Ty-Chou Says:

I have to say I am the opposite, Erico. I love me a well-done story with time travel. There are some aspects about it that I really find intriguing. The Pastmaster is one of my favorite baddies because just his life and how time is of no consequence to him is fascinating. Not only is time not a big deal is a part of where in time he exists, but that time also has no effect on him. Yes, he's a shriveled skeleton, but he's probably not going to get any older. Time does not touch him.

However, I can also understand the dislike of it. Introducing time travel can muck up a plot very quickly if the writer doesn't know what they're doing.

And in fact, I would like to introduce a theory to this time-traveling tale as some food for thought. As we know, the alliance between the Pastmaster and the Metallikats was tremulous and very short-lived. The Sudden-But-Inevitable-Betrayal was not a question of if, but when and how, and also who would manage to do it first. As we saw with Katastrophie, Mac and Molly are very wary of team-ups and pretty much bank on a betrayal, which is why they made the deal with Viper to cover their tails when it did happen.

This is why they betrayed the Pastmaster the second he held up his end of the deal. So the question is: If the Pastmaster had managed to immediately jump back into the time portal and go on his way, would there have been no betrayal to this alliance?

The deal was the Pastmaster helped the Metallikats take over the future so they would have a place to pretty much either jail the Swat Kats or kill them so they couldn't return to their time. Then the Big P was going to leave to mess up the past--which is a very vague statement of whatever he had in mind. Since he wanted the Swat Kats out of their time period, then that meant he planned to go back to their time.

WHY he keeps aiming for that time period specifically is an enigma of itself considering he could go back to ANY time to take it over. Is it just an obsession with getting back at the Swat Kats or is there something specific about that time that he's after?

Either way, the POINT I'm trying to get to is this: the Pastmaster going back to mess up the past will negate the Metallikat future. The robot apocalypse future exists because the Pastmaster never did manage to get back to mess up the past. Therefore, the Pastmaster going back would mean that HE would be the one double-crossing them. He took both the Metallikats and the Swat Kats out of their time, put them in a certain future, then he plans to go mess with the past enough to make that future not ever happen. Which, in theory, would simply erase them from existence. Like putting them in a dimensional pocket and then making that pocket disappear.

You kinda scary, P.

Anyway, yeah, time travel is interesting to me. And I spent WAAAY too much time working on this post. LOL

Statistics: Posted by Ty-Chou — Thu Jul 27, 2017 10:20 pm

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EricoBard Says:

Edit: It was H.G. Wells who wrote the Time Machine, not Jules Verne. Ugh, my brain. These last three pages are killing me.

Statistics: Posted by EricoBard — Sun Jul 16, 2017 1:59 am

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EricoBard Says:

God, I hate time travel. I mean, I really, REALLY hate it. I know it's another one of those things we can thank Star Trek for (Yes, I know Jules Verne started the concept, but I'm talking modern cinema/television), just like mirror/alternate realities. And YEAH, even SWAT Kats did one of those!@!

For the time being...ugh, I made a pun without trying. I hate time travel. It's rarely done well. That's one of the reasons I keep away from it.

Okay. So the show indicates via the flashbacks that the Pastmaster retrieves the Neural Neutralized heads of the Metallikats and then drags them to the future. At least, this is the hypothesis I'm going for. Sure, I can hear you saying, what if he just went to the future and grabbed their heads out of evidence lockup THEN? But their heads, how they look, are a perfect match for what they resembled in the ending of Unlikely Alloys, and how they appeared at the start of Katastrophe, right before Dark Kat's squirrelly little minions yanked them out by tunneling up through the floor. And I doubt very much that they would get smashed up in the same way, and deactivated in the SAME WAY by the Neural Neutralizer, AGAIN, given how we never see Hackle's Neural Neutralizer come into play again. Seriously, if you want to talk about your aggravating things, the fact they make Hackle's secret weapon against the Metallikats a one-off weapon...calm down, calm down, Erico, you've already ranted about that thing...

Okay. So. Hypothesis, with some interpretation of the evidence is this: The "Bright and Shiny Future" episode occurs in an alternate reality. Why? Because when the Pastmaster took the Metallikats' heads, he altered the timestream, and when he jumped forward again, it was to a new reality. So what's different in that bright and shiny future, without the Metallikats? Because that's the crux of it.

Without the Metallikats around as metal muscle, Katastrophe has only Dark Kat and Dr. Viper to rely on. That means they can't use Mac as a stand-in for the Mayor's chauffeur, that means any kidnap attempt might not go off as cleanly. That T-Bone and Razor don't have to remote pilot the Turbokat into a SAM ambush just to get the drop on Dark Kat and the gang for their rescue attempt.
That might mean that the Turbokat we see crash into the Megakat Clock Tower in Future Callie's flashback isn't the Turbokat we know from Season 2. It could be the Version 1 Turbokat, which is awesome...

But the Season 2 Turbokat, which Jake and Chance spent forever reworking from the ground up with additional mechanics including an Agracite composite coating, Speed of Heat, the Sub-Orbital Boosters, Megalaser...that jet may never have existed. In that first fight when they showed up to tangle with the Robot Air Force, they were severely outgunned, something I find very easy to believe given the direction that the show's creators seem to want to take SWAT Kats: Revolution in. They're still decent fighters and pilots, but the technology outpaces them.

With the Pastmaster taking the Metallikats, we never have the 'canon' version of Katastrophe that occurs. We never have Unlikely Alloys happen, where a massive Zed rampages through and then outside of Megakat City. Sure, it's possible that the SWAT Kats may still develop some of the features of the Season 2 Turbokat...without Speed of Heat and the Sub-Orbital boosters, they could never stop Mutilor and save the entire freaking planet, for instance...but dealing with the Metallikats really forces the two to up their game. Always has.

Anyhoo. I look at this episode as a fever-dream what if, a tribute to Terminator and all films like it where humanity/katkind is doomed by its own inventions of convenience. One that, thankfully, is not likely to happen in the show's main timeline. At least, not quite the way it was presented. And I've had some experience with robots vs. internet, and how these two possible realities might come about. I was a Mega Man Fanfiction author first, remember. Look up Guiding Rainbow's Light if you want a notion there of what I meant.

I hate time travel. No matter what, you're always dealing with what-ifs. And I prefer to stand on less shaky ground.

Why do you think I'm titling the newest chapter of SK Transitions as Digital Divide?

Statistics: Posted by EricoBard — Sat Jul 15, 2017 9:23 am

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marhawkman Says:

Well, I think they intentionally used the phrase in the episode so that people would get the pun. The phrase isn't that commonly used.

Statistics: Posted by marhawkman — Fri Feb 24, 2017 1:15 pm

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Kooshmeister Says:

It's also in reference to Pops' conversation with Chance at the newsstand:

Pops Perkins wrote:
I always hoped you’d have a bright and shiny future.

And brought up again later:

T-Bone wrote:
So this is the bright and shiny future Pops Perkins predicted for me!

But you're right that the title has a double meaning.

Statistics: Posted by Kooshmeister — Wed Feb 22, 2017 2:34 pm

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marhawkman Says:

About the name of the ep.... I think it's a pun. Usually it means something positive and good, but in this case it's a description of the Metallikats themselves. Seriously, they look like chrome polished to a mirror shine.

Statistics: Posted by marhawkman — Wed Feb 22, 2017 1:06 pm

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Leon Mane Says:

I can just imagine them thinking, as they turn around, something along the lines of "This won't end well".

Statistics: Posted by Leon Mane — Sun Feb 19, 2017 7:57 am

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marhawkman Says:

YES! that's the scene! :D

Statistics: Posted by marhawkman — Fri Feb 17, 2017 12:43 am

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MoDaD Says:

marhawkman wrote:
We need a gif of the jaw drop from the Metallikats when they realize the Ferals are flying and not the SWAT Kats. :D THAT was my favorite part of the episode.



Statistics: Posted by MoDaD — Thu Feb 16, 2017 6:48 pm

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marhawkman Says:

We need a gif of the jaw drop from the Metallikats when they realize the Ferals are flying and not the SWAT Kats. :D THAT was my favorite part of the episode.

Statistics: Posted by marhawkman — Wed Feb 15, 2017 10:22 pm

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