A special high-tech headset designed by Turmoil to instill complete, unquestioning obedience in the wearer. She forced a captured T-Bone to wear one, making him into her mindless slave. While wearing the Crown of Obedience, T-Bone would say and do whatever Turmoil or anyone who worked for her told him to do. When Razor was captured infiltrating the Cloud Fortress, Turmoil ordered her lieutenant to put a second one on Razor so both SWAT Kats would be under her control. However, an explosive charge planted by Razor blew both him and the lieutenant across the room, and she dropped the Crown. As for T-Bone, when he was made to fight against Razor later on, his Crown of Obedience broke, returning him to normal and finally freeing him from Turmoil’s control.


This piece of mind-control technology appears in the unfinished season two episode Turmoil 2: The Revenge.