A supposedly elderly woman, who, along with her husband, had apparently been out jogging during one of the SWAT Kats’ battles with Dark Kat. She and her husband were apparently badly injured when some of Razor’s missiles, intended for the Black Widow, missed and hit an abandoned warehouse the two were walking past. The duo blamed the SWAT Kats for their injuries and considered them reckless. When an apologetic Razor snuck into their room at Megakat Memorial Hospital to apologize to them, they refused to forgive him. Only when the old woman’s husband slipped up and mentioned Dark Kat by name did Razor suddenly realized the entire thing was staged to frame him and his partner and that they weren’t injured at all.

Realizing the jig was up, the woman pulled a laser pistol, but Razor shot a glob of cement from his Glovatrix, gumming the weapon up and preventing her from firing. Her husband, however, leaped onto the SWAT Kat, and the two fought. After defeating him, Razor realized that neither he nor his wife were elderly at all, but merely wearing lifelike masks. Razor tied them both up and handed them over to the Enforcer Sergeant and his men, who had come to the hospital in response to the ruckus. Leaving them to be arrested by the Sergeant, Razor headed off to rejoin T-Bone and stop Dark Kat.