An enormous black scarab beetle created by Dr. Viper when he betrayed and mutated his erstwhile “ally” Dr. Harley Street. The scarab was the largest of the six insects Viper created out of the mutated Ci-Kat-A (the other five were just made into grub worms). Heavily armored, the scarab was used by Viper in his attempt to turn Megakat City into a toxic polluted radioactive swamp by causing the reactor of the Megakat Thermonuclear Plant to overload and melt down.

When the SWAT Kats flooded the cooling tower of the facility with water from Megakat Bay, although the mutant grub worms drowned, the scarab climbed up the side of the cooling tower interior in pursuit of the fleeing vigilantes, literally biting at their heels. They were saved when Felina Feral appeared and used her Enforcer chopper to blast off the section of the cooling tower the scarab was on. The one-time MASA scientist turned giant mutant beetle fell down the tower interior, where it landed in the water and simultaneously drowned and was crushed by falling chunks of concrete debris.