The Glovatrix is the signature anti-personnel weapon and multi-tool of the SWAT Kats. Designed by Razor, the original version of this device was worn like a fingerless glove, with three barrels over the knuckles and a box magazine over the top of the hand. This magazine also had a small elevating panel that could dispense other gadgets and projectiles. A mostly red metal gauntlet connected to much of the wrist/forearm.

The Ultimate Super Tool

Contained in the Glovatrix was a small arsenal of miniaturized versions of the SWAT Kats trademark missiles, which included Scrambler Missiles, Octopus Missiles, Bolos, Nets and Tarpedos, among others.

While the SWAT Kats kept the Glovatrix armament primarily less-than-lethal, they also carried more lethal explosives as well.

The Glovatrix was also a helpful tool and life saving device, with all versions equipped with a grappling hook and line launcher. Later versions included radar tracking systems, buzz-saw cutting extensions (that could shoot the blades in a one-shot attack), telescoping metallic shields, lock picks, and plasma arc torches for cutting through steel. A control panel in the Glovatrix could also be used to remotely pilot the Turbokat.

Normally T-Bone or Razor would only wear one Glovatrix on their right hand, but during a situation where the two were counter-attacking Dark Kat, T-Bone wore two for added firepower and protection from contact with Hard Drive (though during the altercation, the Glovtrixes inexplicably jammed).

The Glovatrix’s name is a pseudoword, a combination of the phrase “glove of tricks.”

Season One Glovatrix

This Glovatrix was the smallest, and could be worn ambidextrously. It was noted by Razor to be insulated against electricity. Its grappling hook functionality was frequently used, deploying for an elevating yellow square on the top. This particular model appeared to go over the user’s hand and attach at the wrist, allowing the fingerless glove to slide through it.

Season Two Glovatrix

This Glovatrix was much larger, with an extended panel on the top. The glove itself was now a metal-mesh, completely covering the fingers. It could only be worn on the right hand. This version also featured a number of new items, most notably the buzz-saw arm and shield. Other new items included the Bow-Zooka, which allowed a missile to be fired from a crossbow and a re-useable bladed glider-boomerang.

In The Origin of Dr. Viper, there’s a continuity error, as the Season 2 Glovatrix is used in place of Season 1’s for this flashback episode.

Super Glovatrix

This Glovatrix may have been an unfinished prototype, as it was retrieved by the SWAT Kats during a surprise attack by the Metallikats in their secret hangar. It contained an assortment of explosives, was mostly red, angular, and had spikes on the knuckles, with missile tips showing in the tubes.

Alternate Universe

More menacing in appearance, this Glovatrix was used by the SWAT Kats evil counterparts in an alternate dimension, and contained similar armaments, though more lethal in nature.

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