Alvie> Sure you don’t want another donut?

Guard #2> Naw thanks, Alvie, but three’s my limit.

Alvie> You hear somethin’?

Guard #2> Finish your donut, I’ll check it out. Hmm, nothin’.

Viper> Now that you’ve had your dinner, let’s get down to business. We’re here to find Katalyst 100! With it, I will bring Megakat City to its knees! [gasps] Creeplings!? So, Dark Kat wants the katalyst, too. Well, Dr. Viper plays second fiddle to no one! Get them! Time to make my exit!

Razor> The new swivel-turret is workin’ great, T-Bone. It moves right with me! But I still need to test it under combat conditions.

T-Bone> That might be sooner than you think, buddy! I’m pickin’ up an alarm from Megakat Biochemical Labs!

Viper> Stop him! I’ll take that katalyst!

T-Bone> It’s Dr. Viper! And what are those creeplings doing in there!?

Razor> I dunno, buddy, but I’ve got ol’ snake-eyes right in my sights!

T-Bone> Crud, ya missed him sure-shot!

Razor> My turret calibrations must be off!

Feral> SWAT Kats! You’re under arrest for bombing Megakat Biochemical Labs!

T-Bone> Ah, get real, Feral, we were just tryin’ to stop Dr. Viper!

Razor> Not to mention the creeplings!

Feral> All I see is one burned-out lab, and two vigilantes!

T-Bone> Yeah, well beleive it or not, Feral, it’s the truth!

Feral> Come back here!

Viper> Blast those SWAT Kats! I was so close to having Katalyst 100.

Dark Kat> So were my creeplings! Until you slithered in!

Viper> Don’t meddle with me, Dark Kat!

Dark Kat> Viper, wait! Our little altercation has given me an idea. Instead of fighting each other, why don’t we join forces against our real enemies?

Viper> You mean the SWAT Kats?

Dark Kat> Yes. With them gone Megakat City will be ours for the taking! And there’ll be more than enough to go around. Yes, just think of it Viper! An invincible alliance of evil!

Feral> Sergeant, put out an APB on the SWAT Kats! if they set one claw in this town, I want them brought in.

Enforcer Sergeant #2> Yes sir!

Callie> But Commander Feral, what evidence do you have against the SWAT Kats?

Feral> All the evidence I need, Deputy Mayor! Cement slugs, and two million dollars worth of damage. Log this in, Smitty.

Smitty> Yes sir.

Razor> That should be dead center, T-Bone.

T-Bone> Nah, it’s off, Razor.[Note: Technically, he’s Chance here since he isn’t wearing his mask]

Razor> Well you tell me when.

T-Bone> You got it!

Razor> Oh that’s Callie, I’ll get it.

T-Bone> I already did.

Razor> Yes, Miss Briggs?

Callie> SWAT Kats, I hope you had good reasons for destroying half of Megakat Labs.

Razor> Several. Dr. Viper and the creeplings were stealing stuff in there!

T-Bone> Yeah but Feral didn’t beleive us.

Callie> He still doesn’t. So be careful. Feral’s after your heads.

T-Bone> So’s Razor.

Viper> All finished, Dark Kat.

Mac> Hey! Get your slimy hands off me, Viper!

Molly> Yeah and that goes double for you, Dark Kat!

Dark Kat> Such gratitude. Perhaps we should have left these two deadheads in that Enforcer evidence locker!

Viper> It was your idea to have them help us fight the SWAT Kats!

Mac> Us? Help you creeps? Forget it!

Molly> Yeah, we hate the SWAT Kats, but the Metallikats work alone! Let’s get outta here, Mac.

Dark Kat> I anticipated your defiance, Metallikats. So I took the precaution of attaching neuroscramblers to your necks! I insist you help destroy the SWAT Kats.

Viper> We’ll crush them like flies!

Mac> Okay, okay! We’re in!

Molly> Just shut that thing off!

Dark Kat> I knew you’d see the brilliance of my plan! All for one and one for all, as we destroy the SWAT Kats!

Viper> Destroy the SWAT Kats!

Mac and Molly> Destroy the SWAT Kats!

Mac> Yaha! The Metallikats are back!

Feral> Hold it right there! You two are under arrest!

Molly> You gotta be kidding!

Feral> Kats alive! It’s the Metallikats! Sergeant, move in!

Enforcer Sergeant #2> I’m gonna enjoy flattening those tin cans! Aah!

Feral> After them!

Mac> Nice a’ Dark Kat to give us a new set a’ wheels!

Molly> Yeah, too bad you still can’t drive!

Mac> Ahh, stop your yammerin’! Think you can handle Feral?

Molly> Think you can learn to drive?

Feral> This is Feral! bring me chopper backup!

Callie> SWAT Kats, the Metallikats are back! And they just robbed Megakat Savings!

T-Bone> I thought we disconnected them for good!

Callie> I thought so, too, but- [gasps]

Molly> Hey, that was the Deputy Mayor!

Mac> She denied our parole! We owe here one!

Molly> The SWAT Kats!

Dark Kat> Just like clockwork.

T-Bone> You should be safe up here, Miss Briggs.

Razor> C’mon, we still have the Metallikats to deal with.

Mac> We were this close to flattenin’ her, Molly!

Dark Kat> Forget about Briggs! it’s the SWAT Kats we want! You know what to do!

Molly> Hey you think we’re stupid or somethin’?

Mac> I hate takin’ orders almost as much as I hate the SWAT Kats!

Razor> Time to derail the Metallikat Express. Matchhead Missiles loaded, locked, away! Bingo!

T-Bone> That tunnel’s too small! I can’t get in there to finish ‘em off!

Razor> But I can! Launching the Cyclotron!

T-Bone> You got ‘em?

Razor> Affirmitive! The Metallikat Express is about to make its last stop!

T-Bone> Sounds like ya nailed ‘em good, buddy!

Mac> Looks like Viper’s fungus-fingers have this SWAT Kat right where we want ‘im!

Molly> Yeah, let’s finish him off before the others get here!

Viper> Wait! Dark Kat’s orders were to take him alive!

Mac> You happy now? He’s still alive!

Molly> Yeah but not for long!

Mac> Hey! He’s stealin’ our car!

T-Bone> Aww, crud, Razor. Do I have to do everything myself?

Razor> Uh oh..T-Bone doesn’t know it’s me driving their car!

T-Bone> Razor?!

Razor> Hey whoa, I’m the good guy, remember? Those are the bad guys!

T-Bone> I’m takin’ you down, Metallikats!

Feral> Hold it right there, SWAT Kat! I’m taking you in for questioning!

T-Bone> Sorry, Feral, he’s with me!

Viper> You two have made a mess of things!

Dark Kat> Fools! One captive SWAT Kat would’ve brought me the toher, but thanks to you they’re both still free!

Molly> Sorry, Dark Kat!

Dark Kat> Fortunatly I have another plan to lure the SWAT Kats to their doom.

Mac> We-we knew you would!

Molly> Yeah! You’re a genius, Dark Kat!

Dark Kat> Just don’t disobey me again!

Callie> I know you did your best, guys, but all the bank money was destroyed along with most of the Megakat Tunnel.

Chance> It’s not our fault, Miss Briggs! Razor says Dr. Viper and the Metallikats are working together.

Callie> You’ll never convince Feral of that.

Manx> Callie?

Callie> I’ve gotta go. Tonight’s the opening of the new Manx Wing at the museum.

Manx> Ready, Callie?

Callie> Ready, Mayor.

Manx> Well there’s a new face. Where’s our regular driver?

Mac> Uhh, he’s out sick.

Callie> Whata re you trying to do, kill us!?

Mac> Not yet! [cackles]

Ann> This is Ann Gora of Katseye News, here with Commander Feral, who is demanding that the SWAT Kats turn themselves in.

Feral> Yes, Ann, they’ve destroyed millions of dollars of property without provocation!

Chance> Hey buddy, we saw Dr. Viper, you didn’t!

Dark Kat> I’ve got more important news for Megakat City, and especially the SWAT Kats! I have your Mayor and Deputy Mayor, and they will be destroyed unless the SWAT Kats surrender to me at sunrise! Come to the abandoned tuna factory on Megakat Island, and come alone, or you’ll never see them again! [laughs]

Chance> Holy kats!

Jake> Think Feral beleives us now?

Ann> What do you intend to do, Commander?

Feral> No comment.

Dark Kat> The SWAT Kats are right on time! For their own funeral.

Viper> So long, SWAT Kats!

Mac> Good riddance!

Viper> That was almost too easy.

Dark Kat> It was easy, Viper, because my brilliant mind devised the plan!

Mac> Guess we don’t need these two anymore, Molly!

Molly> Yeah, we’ve been waiting a long time to settle the score with you!

Manx> Now, now, now, don’t be hasty!

Dark Kat> Wait! I’m taking them back to Megakat City! Chain them, my little creeplings!

Callie> Let me go!

Mac> Hey what’s the big idea?

Molly> Yeah why can’t we finish ‘em off?

Dark Kat> Because, I want a big ceremony, where these two personally turn Megakat City over to me!

Viper> Don’t you mean us? I thought we were diving the city equally!

Dark Kat> Just a slip of the tongue, Viper.

Viper> Don’t make me sorry I trusted you, Dark Kat!

Molly> I don’t trust either of these creeps.

Mac> For once, Molly, I agree with ya.

T-Bone> [sighs] Too bad we had to sacrifice the Turbokat.

Razor> Hey it was either the jet or us, T-Bone, but now, we can get the drop on Dark Kat!

Dark Kat> Calm down, Viper! You’ll get what’s coming to you! The SWAT Kats!?

Manx> Ahh! Am I glad tou see you!

Callie> SWAT Kats! Y-you’re alive!

T-Bone> For the time being, Miss Briggs!

Viper> So much for you plan, Dark Kat!

Dark Kat> On the contrary, I anticipated this!

Manx> Oh no, not again.

T-Bone> Stand back! We’ll blast our way out!

Dark Kat> [laughs] Not this time, SWAT Kats!

T-Bone> What the?

Dark Kat> My mega-forcefield bubble only lets things in, not out! I’m tired of this game, destroy all four of them! Tommorrow Megakat City becomes Dark Kat City!

Viper> Dark Kat City!? What about our deal!?

Dark Kat> Deal’s off, Viper, and there’s nothing you and fungus-face can do about it! Metallikats, give Viper his share now!

Viper> [chuckles} I don’t think so, Dark Kat!

Dark Kat> Fire! I said fire!

Viper> Looking for these? [chuckles]

Molly> We made our own little deal, Dark Creep!

Mac> Yeah, so long, ‘boss!’ [laughs]

Molly> Your aim is worse than your drivin’!

Mac> Aww shut up and get ‘im!

Razor> Get down!

Dark Kat> Time to end this alliance!

T-Bone> Razor! We’ve gotta get outta here!

Razor> yeah, were sittin’ ducks no matter who wins!

Molly> Hey! Watch it you oaf!

Razor> Who is that?

T-Bone> I dunno but we owe him one!

Razor> Commander Feral?

T-Bone> Don’t tell me you came all this way to save us!

Feral> I’m here to save the Mayor and Miss Briggs! But as usual, you two are just in the way!

Razor> Yeah, glad to see you too, Commander.

Callie> SWAT Kats, look out!

Manx> Feral and the SWAT kats working together! Now I’ve seen everything!

Dark Kat> Choose now, my villainous friends! Who do you hate more? Me or the SWAT Kats?!

Mac> We’ll settle with you later, Dark Crud!

Molly> First thing’s first!

T-Bone> Razor! You’re firing in the wrong direction!

Razor> Negative, T-Bone! I’ve got those creeps right where I want ‘em!

Dark Kat> Nooooo!

Feral> Going somewhere, Dr. Viper?

Viper> Fool! Out of my way!

Callie> Join your friends, Dr. Viper!

T-Bone> Never thought I’d see these kats all caged together.

Razor> Yeah, it was almost worth losing the Turbokat to see this.

Feral> [sighs] You four are under arrest!

Dark Kat> If I lose, everyone loses! [laughs]

Razor> Crud, the whole place is wired to blow!

Feral> Move!

T-Bone> Cutting it a little close, aren’t we buddy?

Razor> Hey don’t tell me you were worried.

Manx> Ahh, looks like Dark Kat saved the taxpayers the cost of a trial.

Feral> Yes and with those villains gone, guess Megakat City won’t be seeing you SWAT kats around much anymore.

Callie> Do you really think we’ve seen the last of those villains, Commander?

Feral> Let’s hope so, Miss Briggs. But if they ever show their ugly faces again-

T-Bone> The SWAT Kats will kick their tails!

Razor> Oh, uh, by the way, Feral, do you think you cloud loan us a jet until the city pays to have ours rebuilt?

Manx> The city?! Pay?! Uh perhaps a lovely parade would suffice?

Callie> Mayor.

Manx> Oh, very well, Callie. Happy to oblige, SWAT Kats. Now, uh, could someone please get these chains off me?