Mayor Manx is the great-grandson of the famed war hero the Blue Manx, as well as Megakat City’s longstanding mayor, having remained in office for a total of eleven terms. He is extremely rotund and speaks with an inexplicable accent which suggests either Scottish or Irish descent; he is also balding, possessed of thinning white hair. In an effort to disguise this, he wears a toupee, never mind the fact it’s dark grey and doesn’t even match his natural hair color and sticks out like a sore thumb.


Although not an evil individual, he is greedy, cowardly and stupid, which ultimately makes him the worst possible candidate to run a major metropolis like Megakat City.

He is also lazy, preferring to spend his free time playing golf – and if he hasn’t got any free time, he’ll make free time, often at the expense of more pressing matters that require his attention.

The only time that the Mayor ever takes the time to actually perform his civic duties is when there’s something in it for him, such as pestering Mr. Young to invest in the city or throwing money at research that could conceivably lead to a big payoff, like Dr. Zyme’s Viper Mutagen 368 (which the Mayor originally wanted Zyme to call the “Manx Formula”).

Or, when it has something to do with his family a name, a name that, thanks to his great-grandfather, brings with it much fame and respect. Fame and respect which the Mayor lives off of like a leech.

Indifferent to the SWAT Kats

As of the incident in which Dr. Viper tried to loot Megakat Biochemical Labs with his giant bacteria monsters, Manx had been the mayor for ten terms.

Unlike Commander Feral, Manx doesn’t specifically have a problem with the SWAT Kats. At least when they’re saving his beloved city from massive property damage by villains (although he tends to overlook the fact that the SWAT Kats often unintentionally cause more damage stopping said villains than the villains could ever accomplish by themselves).

He turns a deaf ear to Feral’s pleas that the Swat Kats be arrested, while at the same time refusing to actually publicly acknowledge them out of fear of looking bad for endorsing vigilantism. But, at the drop of a hat, the Mayor will turn against them if it suits him.


Being the mayor of course means Manx is a primary target for the many evildoers who plague Megakat City like a disease.

More than once his capture or elimination has been sought by the likes of Dark Kat, Dr. Viper, Madkat and the Pastmaster.

Most famously, he was unintentionally the target of the Metallikats at one point, when they believed he had denied their parole while they were imprisoned in Alkatraz, despite receiving a “fat bribe,” but they soon turned their anger instead to Callie Briggs after it was revealed that she had intercepted the bribe before Manx got it and turned down the parole (leaving one to wonder whether Manx would’ve actually taken the bribe).

Family History

However, the most personal enemy of Manx in his whole life has been the ghost of the Red Lynx.

Slain by his great-grandfather in MegaWar II, this specter sought the destruction of every one of the Blue Manx’s descendants. In a rare display of courage, the Mayor (with some help from the Swat Kats) fulfilled the prophecy that the Red Lynx could only die again by the hand of a Manx, ending the threat of the ghost pilot forever.

During this time, Manx had been running for re-election. Although it was never explicitly stated that he won, the fact he remained the mayor in the events afterwards proves he did, meaning he has now been Mayor for eleven terms; likely, his shooting down the Red Lynx contributed to it.

Due to the fact that Mayor Manx was actively sought by Madkat as “the King,” it is possible that Manx had another, unseen ancestor, this one from the Dark Ages, who ruled by the side of Queen Callista.

Other Details

Manx was voiced in all of his appearances by Jim Cummings. Curiously, he is the only major supporting character who has been with the show since the beginning who was never given a first name during the course of the series.


Manx has minor roles in two of the unfinished episodes.

In Succubus!, he is the one who plays matchmaker to Commander Feral and Katrina Moorkroft. Because Katrina is a big donor to the city, Manx is intent on keeping her happy. He accompanies them on their first date to the philharmonic hall. He never finds out Katrina is really a succubus intent on draining Feral’s lifeforce away.

In Turmoil 2: The Revenge, he is revealed to, along with Feral, carry a code red “doomsday key” to launch surface-to-orbit “Skat Missiles.” When Feral suggests using them against the Mega-Beam after Turmoil gains control of it, Manx is hesitant, but finally agrees, although the attack fails. Later, he gives in to Turmoil’s demands for payment in $50 million worth of gold – against Feral’s advice (“Once the blackmail starts, it never stops,” Feral warns him).