Former gangsters who were the head of a large mob syndicate, Mac and Molly Mange were arrested, tried and sent to Alkatraz prison.

Later, they managed to escape by rowboat but didn’t make it to shore as they were overtaken by a large ship. They died and their bodies were washed to shore where Professor Hackle found them. To save them, Hackle performed a brain transfusion on the pair, putting their minds into two robots.

Hackle was unaware of who they were or their “gangster personalities” until it was too late when Mac and Molly fled his lab. They had sworn revenge on Mayor Manx who didn’t take their bribe (later learning it was Callie Briggs who denied them their parole, bribe and all), blaming him for their death.

Since they have gone on many a crime spree like old times, calling themselves the Metallikats. Mac and Molly use their robotic bodies in various schemes for monetary gain but are always stopped by the SWAT Kats.

Official Description

Mac & Molly Mange were two of the toughest crooks in the history of Megakat City. During a daring escape from Alkatraz Island, an accident shattered their bodies behond repair. Revived by a misguided scientist, Mac & Molly’s minds were programmed into a pair of indestructible mechanical bodies! Now this invulnerable Bonnie & Clyde team fear no one, and using a lethal assortment of devices to rob Megakat City blind, they make a lot of dangerous trouble for the SWAT Kats.