Dr. Viper uses Katalyst X-63 to flood Megakat City, turning it into a toxic swamp filled with dangerous, mutated creatures.

Animato! Summary

Dr. Viper floods Megakat City with a “hideous mutating ooze” that transmogrifies ordinary animals into (what else?) giant monsters.

With the city submerged in slime and infested by huge, repulsive creatures, the SWAT Kats undertake the perilous mission of reaching Megakat Biochemical Labs, where they must retrieve an anti-mutagen that can change everything back to normal. Complications: 1. T-Bone, who can’t swim, nearly drowns in the muck. 2. Later, T-Bone becomes a mutant when one of the monsters bites him. (T-Bone’s really having a bad day, isn’t he?) 3. Viper eventually uses the mutagen to turn himself into a Godzilla-sized monstrosity.

This is no classic, but it keeps your attention. It’s also Felina Feral’s debut episode, ironically, she’s first seen rescuing Callie Briggs, whom she replaced as SWAT Kats’ major heroine. B

Trivia: Callie’s communications link with the SWAT Kats is supposed to be a secret, but her she not only uses her communicator in front of Mayor Manx, but she also lets him use it.

Animato summary written by Mark Lungo