Dark Kat employs techno-crook Hard Drive to carry out his revenge against the SWAT Kats by impersonating them as criminals.

Animato! Summary

Dark Kat enlists Hard Drive to help him destroy both the SWAT Kats and their reputation.

After the villains lure the pilots into a conveyor belt death trap, Hard Drive uses the stolen Turbokat to pose as the SWAT Kats and frame them as criminals.

Good points: 1. Mook’s animation is well done. 2. Callie has a strong role that tests both her courage and her trust in the SWAT Kats; she even gets to save their lives for a change.

Bad points: 1. The cliched “make the heroes look like villains” plot. 2. The whole death trap business. Dark Kat is foolish not to kill the SWAT Kats outright; even Hard Drive sensibly complains to his partner, “I still say you should have let me fry those two!” 3. Hard Drive’s introduction is marred by a clumsy, contrived monologue meant to explain the “high-voltage lowlife’s” powers to the audience.

The verdict: I’ve seen worse, but this one needed one or two rewrites. B.

Animato summary written by Mark Lungo