Rotary-wing aircraft used by Omega Squadron to defend the Cloud Fortress from attack. Four pursued Razor as he approached the base. One crashed when he detached and threw his Glovatrix shield like a disc, hitting and breaking its rotor blades. The remaining three pursued him through a narrow ice tunnel, where they crashed and exploded. It is unknown if the pilots of the four craft survived.

Later, when the out-of-control Mega-Beam was turned against the Cloud Fortress, Turmoil’s lieutenant, guards and pilots escaped the melting building in the gyrocopters, while Turmoil herself left in the Turbokat with a mind-controlled T-Bone. Later, Cybertron used a gyrocopter stowed away in the jet Razor stole to pursue the Turbokat to knock Turmoil’s laser pistol from her hand, although the brainwashed T-Bone fired Mini-Shredder Missiles at the vehicle, shattering the rotor blades. The disabled copter fell down the side of a cliff, but Cybertron was able to leap out and grab the edge.


These aircraft appear in the unfinished season two episode Turmoil 2: The Revenge.