This stuffed sabertoothed tiger was an exhibit at the Megakat City Museum of History.

When the Pastmaster came looking for the Tome of Time and was accosted by a security guard, he used his pocketwatch to bring the tiger to life as a zombie.

The creature attacked the guard, who wound up buried under a collapsing dinosaur skeleton, and then chased Deputy Mayor Briggs and Dr. Sinian to the roof. Here, the undead beast encountered the arriving SWAT Kats.

Although T-Bone looked eager to grapple with the monster, Razor quickly took care of the beast by shooting it with the Turbokat’s cement machinegun; the sabertooth wound up completely encased in cement and plastered to the wall.

The sabertooth’s status as a “zombie” is given in the model sheets for The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice.