Commander Feral begins dating wealthy heiress Katrina Moorkroft, who Felina suspects is an evil succubus slowly draining her uncle’s life away.

Mark Lungo was kind enough to send Kooshmeister a copy of Glenn Leopold’s script for Succubus!, a.k.a. “The Curse of Kataluna” (a name never mentioned once in the story). From what Mark theorizes, the title was probably deemed too sexually suggestive, and by the time Hanna-Barbera had actually moved on to production of the episode, shortly before the series’ cancellation, the title would’ve been changed. As well as a lot of the dialogue, since the word succubus is mentioned a lot, and the villain’s monster form is even called “the Succubus.”

For the time being, the events of Succubus! are being considered (tentatively) canon to the series.