Easy going and confident, Chance is a magician when it comes to vehicle repair. There’s no kat you’d rather have work on your car. Secure and cocky, Chance fancies himself a ladies’ man, but generally has more success as a mechanic in the pilot seat of the Turbokat as T-Bone!

Enforcer Pilot Chance Furlong

Chance Furlong grew up in Megakat City, and one of his favorite pastimes was to read comic books like Kat Kommandos while at Pops Newsstand, oftentimes reading them for free, much to the chagrin of the owner, Pop Perkins. One of Furlong’s goals was to become one of the good guys, and this is what inspired him to join the Enforcers.

Eventually Furlong became Enforcer Pilot, flying a two-seater Enforcer Jet. Furlong, and his weapons system operator Jake Clawson, were among the first in the air to respond to an attack by the criminal known as Dark Kat. Furlong’s superior piloting abilities allowed him to keep pace with the elusive Fear Ship as it dangerously maneuvered in the skyline of Megakat City while all other pilots broke away. Dark Kat was set to bomb the newly constructed Enforcer Headquarters, but was narrowly stopped as Furlong set up Clawson to take a shot with an air-to-air missile.

The missile disabled the Fear Ship’s weapons, thwarting Dark Kat’s attack. As Furlong and Clawson prepared to fire a second time, Commander Feral caught up in his own jet, ordering the two to fall back, stating that he would handle Dark Kat from there. Furlong protested, saying he and Clawson had a target lock. Feral repeated his order, and Furlong reiterated their target lock. During their radio exchange, Feral’s jet collided with Furlong’s and Clawson’s, causing Furlong to lose control, forcing both occupants to eject. Their disabled aircraft plummeted out of the sky and into Enforcer Headquarters, completely destroying the upper levels. Feral’s jet was undamaged, but during the confusion, Dark Kat had escaped.

The Salvage Yard

Later, on the streets in front of the still smoldering Enforcer Headquarters, Feral confronted Furlong and Clawson. Furlong was visibly upset, and blamed Feral for the accident.

Feral responded to Furlong’s insubordination by kicking both him and Clawson off the force, but not before holding them financially responsible for the repairs to Enforcer Headquarters. Tasked with running the Megakat City Military Salvage Yard, of which a portion of their salaries would go toward the cost of repairing the Enforcer building, Furlong and Clawson were effectively serving a community service sentence of “a thousand years.”

To add insult to injury, their new supervisors, dump truck operators Burke and Murray, would take every opportunity to harass the two about their former pilot status.

Upon seeing the large amounts of wreckage, Clawson observed that someone could probably build their own jet. At first skeptical, Furlong agreed with Clawson’s idea to get back in the air to take on Dark Kat and others, but this time without someone like Feral to get in the way.


Chance Furlong is a skilled mechanic who likes to super-charge an engine whenever he gets the opportunity, though sometimes his modifications go a a bit too far and wind up blowing the engine up.

He still enjoys reading comics, plays video games and enjoys going out to the movies. One of his favorite pastimes is watching the cartoon Scaredy Kat. Furlong is very competitive, and will often partake in challenges with his wingman, business partner and best fiend, Jake Clawson. These include seeing who can eat the most spicy peppers, who can finish an obstacle course the fastest, who can score highest on a training exercise, or who passes out last in a high-g centrifuge.

The two operate Jake and Chance’s Garage, a car mechanic shop, in addition to running the salvage yard. He’s often bored or frustrated by the aspects of working at the salvage yard, particularly when operating the tow truck or interacting with Burke and Murray. He’ll often try to insert his own fun, like taking one of his infamous bumpy shortcuts home, much to Clawson’s physical discomfort.

Furlong fancies himself to be a ladies’ man, and it’s most apparent when his favorite customer, Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs, brings her sedan in for an occasional tune-up. His advances always seem to go unnoticed, however, as Ms. Briggs at one point seemed to have an eye for Clawson.

Furlong’s personality doesn’t change much when he dons a mask to become the SWAT Kat T-Bone, where he gets to showoff his amazing piloting abilities in his true love, the Turbokat. Unparalleled in Megakat City, T-Bone’s outmaneuvered and kept pace with all who take to the skies. Not afraid to get his hands dirty outside of the cockpit either, T-Bone’s led the charge head first into danger on a number of occasions, making good use of his fists alongside Razor’s gadgets. His abilities in the field are on par with any special forces, showing full proficiency with a variety of weapons, vehicles, explosives and parachute jumps.

In addition to being an expert pilot, T-Bone is also an exceptional driver. During a crisis, he hates to eject, always waiting until the last possible moment before ever giving up on the Turbokat. On several occasions it’s been T-Bone’s pure resolve that has led to the SWAT Kats saving the day, as both MadKat and Zed learned the hard way.

Other Details

Despite displaying a high level of training, Furlong never learned how to swim. It wasn’t until a near fatal accident while running a salvage yard obstacle course that this was revealed.

After getting bitten by one of Dr. Viper’s creatures, T-Bone himself became a mutated monster which forced Razor to disable him. Upon being cured when he came into contact with anti-mutagen, T-Bone was able to swim to help save Razor from drowning, a possible left over side effect from his mutation.

Furlong also suffers from Entomophobia, the fear of insects or bugs, which Clawson learned about after the two went to see the movie Hard Shell, which featured a giant, bug-like creature. After his encounter with the alien Ci-Kat-A, this fear lessened somewhat.

Furlong is also a Megawar II history buff, specifically related to aerial warfare, and holds the flying prowess of the Red Lynx in high regard despite his allegiances. He will often spend downtime watching old history features. Both Furlong and Clawson spend time working out in their own makeshift gym doing a variety of weights and cardio. They also practice a form of martial arts that appears to focus on karate-style chops and kicks.

Archived Comments

CantZ Said:

I think that their should be update for the Relationships part on this, with Felina Feral add to the mix.

December 28, 2012

Alexandra Bryant Said:

I would really say that Chance Furlong aka T-Bone is truly an awesome hero for being a SWAT Kat and like a supportive big brother for his partner and longtime best friend Jake Clawson aka Razor since he is very protective of him.

April 30, 2013

5k20 Said:

T-bone is the best pilot in the world. I love it when he does competions with Jake. It kind of funny when he kicks Razor off that ship. I’m reading things about T-bone and Felina are perfect for each other. I don’t know to agree or disagree. Who doesn’t love it when T-bone says” what the matter Feral afaid of the dark”. Chance breaks the t.v Jake finds a new t.v what is wrong with that picture? Chance needs to just beat the shit out of Burk and Murry they are just ticking me off. I don’t think Jake should hold himback I mean doesn’t he hate those two too.

July 2, 2013

tatiana rivera Said:

t bone is strong

July 19, 2013

allamericankat Said:

Does anyone else by any chance (pun intended) think that Chance is the most awesome cat in the history of cartoon cats? Cause I know I do.

April 16, 2014