Dr. Viper teams up with the alien-possessed Dr. Harley Street in a bid to steal Super-Katalyst 566. But can the two villains cooperate? And can the SWAT Kats stop the sinister slithering scientist from turning all of Megakat City into a toxic radioactive swamp?

The final of the three unfinished episodes from season two, The Doctors of Doom was apparently intended as the finale for season two. Unlike Succubus! and Turmoil 2: The Revenge, however, it currently only exists as a 22-minute outline by Glenn Leopold (production code: 9411), and it is unknown at this time if it progressed to the script stage before the series’ cancellation like the other two.

Nevertheless, the outline is detailed enough that it can be used as the basis for an episode entry, even if it should, at this stage, be considered even more tentatively canon than Succubus! and Turmoil 2. This might change if a full script ever surfaces in the future.