Dr. Viper intends to steal Katalyst 99 from Megakat Biochemcial Labs with his Giant Bacteria monster. How can the SWAT Kats stop a creature that only divides when it’s attacked?

Animato! Summary

Dr. Viper turns his fellow evildoer Morbulus (Jim Cummings) into the title creature, which then goes on a predictable rampage through Megakat City (and inconveniently divides into two anytime it’s hit). Viper’s reason for creating the monster is so it can break into the “impenetrable” Megakat Biochemical Labs and steal a chemical he wants. (Oh well, he’s a mad scientist , his evil plots don’t have to be logical.) This was the first SWAT Kats to be completed, and it’s worth watching because it sets up many of the show’s key elements.

Unfortunately, it’s also the series’ most violent and horrific episode. After Morbulus’ agonizing transformation, the bacteria monster(s) eat a farmer and his cow, Viper’s old colleague Dr. Zyme (Paul Eiding), and in a shocking scene I can’t believe the censors allowed ate a subway car full of passengers.Yes, SWAT Kats is a violent show where characters sometimes die (often for no compelling dramatic reasons), but “Bacteria” goes way too far. Therefore, I must make an example of it. D+

Musings: 1. There is one good thing about this episode , an amusing scene where Chance moons over Callie when she brings her car to Jake & Chance’s garage. 2. “Bacteria” also wastes a potentially good villain by killing of Morbulus as soon as he’s introduced. Morbulus is even given a distinctive shtick , he literally has eyes in the back of his head, which gives him 360 degree vision. This is presumably so all the bacteria monsters (there are three) can have eyes after they divide.

Trivia: Morbulus was originally called Oculus, but it was discovered that there had already been a Fantastic Four villain with that name. As a result, all the original dialogue featuring the name “Oculus” had to be re-dubbed.

Animato summary written by Mark Lungo