Mac and Molly Mange are brought back from the dead as robotic gangsters. The bloodthirsty bionic duo seek their revenge against their enemies, including Mayor Manx, who they think denied their parole.

Animato! Summary

For the first time since their posthumous “complete makeover,” The Metallikats are back in Megakat City and planning to “tear up this town like a scratching post!”

However, Mac and Molly’s first priority is “rubbing out that crud Mayor Manx,” because they think [he] denied their parole. It’s mayhem in the mayor’s office as the SWAT Kats fight to save both Manx and Callie from the mean machines.

This is a SWAT Kats classic, thanks largely to the villains, who play their unique shtick (Bonnie & Clyde meet Al and Peg Bundy, as robots) to the hilt. Valiant Callie also gets a powerful moment when she tells the Manges that she, not the Mayor, denied their parole (“Manx hasn’t done an ounce of paperwork around here for years!”), and almost pays for it with her life. A+

Musings: The theme of villains returning from the dead and seeking revenge was used often on SWAT Kats . Other variations on the theme include “The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice,” “The Ghost Pilot,” “Enter the Madkat” and “The Origin of Dr. Viper.”

Animato summary written by Mark Lungo