Two grave robbers accidentally awaken the Pastmaster from an 800-year imprisonment. Now free, this evil sorcerer seeks to use the Tome of Time to take Megakat City back to the Dark Ages.

Animato! Summary

When two grave robbers accidentally free the Pastmaster from his 800-year imprisonment, he steals his “Tome of Time” spellbook from the Megakat City Museum of History and attempts to change the metropolis back to the Dark Ages form he prefers.

The wicked wizard summons dinosaurs through a magical “time vortex” to act as his bodyguards, one of whom knocks the SWAT Kats through the portal into the prehistoric era.

Can our heroes fight their way past the dinosaurs, return to the present and stop the Pastmaster before time runs out?

This may have been chosen as SWAT Kats’ premiere episode because its use of dinosaurs was very timely in the wake of Jurassic Park. It’s okay, but not the best possible introduction to the series. B

Trivia: Most SWAT Kats episodes are preceded with a clip of an action scene from the story, with Razor’s voice saying “Today on SWAT Kats …” Since “Pastmaster…” was the first episode aired, it has a different beginning, intended to introduce the series, in which Razor narrates a brief overview of the SWAT Kats format over an assortment of clips (all from “The Giant Bacteria,” except for one closeup of the Pastmaster from this episode).

Appearances: Dr. Abby Sinian has a strong supporting role in this episode.

Animato summary written by Mark Lungo