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Echo Says:

I like how we are introduced to the Swat Kats and we learn how cocky and competitive they are. xD

Statistics: Posted by Echo — Fri Jun 29, 2018 1:52 pm

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Kooshmeister Says:

I think even Storyboard!Sinian is kind of attractive. SinianThisCait

Statistics: Posted by Kooshmeister — Mon Mar 19, 2018 8:00 am

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Ocelot Says:

My guess is they wanted to make Dr Sinian more attractive.

Statistics: Posted by Ocelot — Mon Mar 19, 2018 3:35 am

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marklungo Says:

MoDaD wrote:
Note a considerably different character design for Abby Sinian.

Huh. While I prefer the design they went with, I'd love to know the story behind the change.

Statistics: Posted by marklungo — Thu Dec 21, 2017 3:19 pm

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MoDaD Says:

Here are the storyboards for this episode. Note a considerably different character design for Abby Sinian.

Statistics: Posted by MoDaD — Thu Dec 21, 2017 2:03 am

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Kooshmeister Says:

On to Act III!

110. Extra dialogue as they zoom through the volcano: "Maybe we change our name from SWAT Kats to hot [k]ats!" Lame.

111. T-Bone and Razor are described as gasping and sweating from the heat, but seem to have no real difficulties with the temperature in the episode.

112. The long-necked flying reptiles start coughing from the fumes as opposed to just kind of ambiguously flailing and screeching as they do in the episode, and Razor's comment that it's lucky they don't have gas masks comes before they fall into the lava.

113. Slightly different dialogue. T-Bone begins his line "Smells like prehistoric fried chicken" with an "Mmm."

114. More descriptions of the SWAT Kats sweating and some extra dialogue from Razor about the Ejektor seats' dwindling fuel: "Hope we can still get outta here... before we're fried SWAT Kat!"

115. The manner in which the Ejektor seats' parachutes are deployed is different. In the finished episode, they press a button. Here, they pull ripcords.

116. Extra dialogue: When demanding Manx let him shoot "that gnome and his buzzards," Feral says, "Show some guts, Mayor!"

117. Manx says "Oh, great" instead of "Perfect!" and doesn't palm his face.

118. Instead of cutting back to prehistoric times, we get another extra bit with Callie and Abby heading up the stairwell to the clocktower. Callie tells Abby she doesn't have to come with her: "I have to go here. It's my job." But Abby insists on accompanying her: "Hey, mine too. How often do you come face to face with history?" Then we cut back to the SWAT Kats in dino days.

119. The Tome of Time is described as glowing when the Pastmaster casts the spell, whereas in the episode it appears as if his pocketwatch does most of the grunt work.

120. When the Pastmaster sarcastically comments on Manx's "generosity," it's said to be from offscreen, whereas in the episode there's a shot of him saying it to Callie over his shoulder. The shot of him holding up the book was also supposed to actually show him, not just his shadow cast on the wall behind the ske-kats. I guess they decided the shadow shot was more dramatic.

121. Instead of being zapped by the Pastmaster's pocketwatch, it's one of the pterodactyls who swoops in and knocks the she-kats back through the open stairwell door. The pterodactyl also closes the door (!), not the Pastmaster.

122. The Turbokat's engine fires to life sooner.

123. Not a difference, but Glenn Leopold has an interesting typo: Hegakat City. RazLaugh

124. The Enforcer choppers are explicitly described as firing bullets as opposed to lasers, and they bounce off of the pterodactyls.

125. The manner in which two of the choppers collide happens differently. In the finished episode, being buffeted by a passing pterodactyle causes one to spiral out of control, fall down and land on another helicopter below here. Here, a pterodactyl uses its beak to actually ram through the cockpit windshield (think what happens in Jurassic World, but minus the impalement). This causes the pilot to lose control, and swoop into another copter, causing both to crash.

126. Feral's unusual facial expressions in this scene are explained as him reacting to his squadron of choppers being destroyed offscreen, unlike in the episode where he appears to be reacting to, well, nothing up until the pterodactyl attacks his chopper. It's also a little clearer that the reason he crashes into Manx's office is to avoid colliding with a pterodactyl. He covers his face before impact, which doesn't happen in the episode.

127. Extra dialogue: After Manx cries, "My office!", Callie reminds him of more important things: "Your city!"

128. There's no shot of the inside of the office showing Feral is okay.

129. What the Pastmaster is looking down at just before he looks at the clock and says "It won't be long now!" is revealed to be fleeing citizens in the streets far below.

130. Odd bit here. When Callie reacts to the SWAT Kats' return, she's described as "grabbing," and that's it. It just cuts off. Grabbing? Grabbing what, Glenn? Manx? Abby? What?

131. Extra dialogue from T-Bone when told they only have one minute: "Plenty of time."

132. The aerial battle occurs differently. The SWAT Kats pelt the pterodactyls with the cement machine gun, and the cement hardens, but they flap their wings really hard, shattering the hardened cement shell around themselves before they can fall. Razor also fires two "Wrapper Missiles" which tie up the pterodactyls' wings. They're basically just Spider Missiles for the Turbokat. With their wings tied up, the pterodactyls fall to their implied splattery deaths on the pavement. T-Bone boasts "SWAT Kats three... dactyls nothing!" (the only similarity so far is they kill one of the dinosaurs using the jet's afterburners, which is why he says "SWAT Kats three").

133. The differently-occurring battle continues as two pterodactyls slash at the Turbokat's wings. "But it looks like they've just emptied the bench!" observes T-Bone, continuing the sports metaphor. "Too bad there's no volcano around!" Razor says.

134. Here is where things start resembling the finished episode again, as the pterodactyls attacking the Turbokat's wings is what prompts T-Bone to do the dive which causes him to pass out and the two pterodactyls to smack into one another. "Hey," he says as he dives, "I can still play a mean game of follow the leader!"

135. A different solution to the clock hands coming together. Instead of firing a missile that prevents them from coming together to strike twelve, Razor jumps out of the jet on a bungee cord and situates himself between the clock hands, feet on the minute one, hands on the hour one, preventing them from coming together that way. There's still no indication of how Razor knew he was supposed to do this, or that the clock was in any way central to the Pastmaster's plan, and is, in fact, once again, doing the exact opposite of what Callie said, but whatever.

136. Because there's no missile to try and pry loose, the Pastmaster and his remaining pterodactyl (giving him a total of six in this version), fly up and attack the Turbokat. The dinosaur's beak smashes through the canopy trying to get in and bite T-Bone. This is described as decompressing the cockpit with a hissing sound as T-Bone struggles to both fly the jet and fend off the attacking dinosaur. He finally manages to get free and fly off as the Pastmaster turns his attention to Razor.

137. Razor is having trouble keeping the clock hands from coming together. "Can't... hold... on..." he says. "Save your strength," jeers the Pastmaster. "Time's up!" In the finished episode, the line "Time's up!" is used as an exclamation of his (the Pastmaster's) defeat, whereas here, the Pastmaster is telling Razor he's the one who's lost.

138. The pterodactyl tries to eat Razor, but T-Bone swoops in and knocks both it and the Pastmaster into the still open time vortex.

139. The Pastmaster does his "big 'Noooooooooooo!'" twice.

140. Razor falls off the clock and the hands come together, striking noon. But because the Pastmaster already got knocked through the portal and the Tome of Time got shredded, nothing happens. Razor plummets down the side of the building but T-Bone swoops in underneath him with the canopy open, allowing him to land sitting in his seat. He checks his wristwatch (from the earlier centrifuge sequence) and comments "Right on time" as he and Razor high-five.

141. Extra dialogue: Callie uses the radio Manx was using to talk to Feral earlier to tell the SWAT Kats "You saved the day, SWAT Kats!"

142. Slightly different dialogue: Manx says "gotten" instead of "got."

143. More somewhat different dialogue. "At least we don't have to worry about the Pastmaster for another 800 years."

144. Extra dialogue: Having heard Abby's comment over the radio, T-Bone says "We'll be on our 9th life by then." "I thought we were on it today," says Razor, "when you passed out like a 'blown engine.'" "Well, if you say so..." says T-Bone in a callback, "of course I didn't see it."

The End. Phew. RazorHappyCait

Statistics: Posted by Kooshmeister — Tue Dec 19, 2017 3:45 pm

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Kooshmeister Says:

marklungo wrote:
1. In the stills gallery, the voice credits come from "The Metallikats" instead of this episode.

That's likely because Matt was using the first release of the DVD, which used the wrong end credits for most of the episodes.

Onward! Commander Feral commands it! FeralBullhornIcon

62. More extra dialogue after T-Bone rescues Callie and Abby. "You're the SWAT Kats!" cries Abby in surprise. Apparently this is her first time meeting them. "At your service!" T-Bone says, giving a mock little salute.

63. We were supposed to see the wall crack under the impact of the cement-glopped sabretoothed tiger. I can't recall this in the episode.

64. The cement machine gun is described as "smoking," but it's possible Leopold was being metaphorical. I.e. "it's just been fired." 'Cause I don't see why a gun that fires liquid cement would smoke after firing.

65. More extra dialogue after the Enforcers arrive: "It's a good thing you called us, Miss Briggs," T-Bone says. "I didn't call you..." says a confused Callie, but she's relieved they came nevertheless. Giving T-Bone's arm a squeeze, she says, "But I'm glad you're here." T-Bone smiles and Callie adds, quickly, giving Razor's arm a squeeze, too, "Both of you." T-Bone stops smiling. More of the "who does she prefer" dynamic seen earlier (later, technically) in The Giant Bacteria.

66. Upon finding the Tome of Time, the Pastmaster's (stop)watch was supposed to glow.

67. The Enforcer Sergeant (named Talon according to Destructive Nature's script) meets the Pastmaster halfway down the front steps of the museum, not on the sidewalk.

68. When the beam of magical energy shoots out of the book, the Sergeant, who'd been reading over the Pastmaster's should, merely backs up instead of being blown back off his feet as in the final episode. I think I prefer the finished version; it showcases the book's power more effectively showing it literally send someone flying.

69. After emerging from the vortex, the Megasaurus rex attacks the people on the roof. T-Bone and Razor pull Callie and Abby (who Leopold consistently refers to as "the girls" out of the way in time, and the dinosaur only ends up with a mouthful of roof parts.

70. A much closer call for the Sergeant here. In the finished episode he just gets up and takes off as the Megasaurus picks the Pastmaster up. Here, the dinosaur tries to step on him, but he's able to get out of the way in time. Leopold's script is portraying the dinosaur as much more malicious than it ended up being in the finished episode.

71. The car the dinosaur hits with its tail is Callie's car, described earlier as being parked in front of the museum. In the episode it's just some random parked car.

72. More extra dialogue: "I haven't had this much fun in 800 years!" cackles the Pastmaster.

73. More extra dialogue, after the car that got sent flying smashes into some Enforcer cruisers: "That was Callie's car!" cries Razor. "And we just tuned it!" Presumably he's referring to The Giant Bacteria, which, had it really been Callie's car in the finished episode, would've had The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice taking place after that episode. It appears that at this juncture, the writers were trying to write the episode scripts in chronological order.

74. When T-Bone says "Let's kick some tail!" we see the Megasaurus rex reflected in his helmet visor, which, bizarrely, Leopold didn't describe him lowering. This appears to be based on one of the Tremblays' drawings that inspired this episode.

75. The episode is never clear whether the time vortex closes after the Turbokat flies through it. Here, it is explicitly described closing, rather than implied to remain open.

76. The Turbokat also makes a sonic boom as it goes through, something that (AFIK) doesn't happen in the episode.

77. Callie and Abby are still on the roof when reacting to the SWAT Kats' disappearance, rather than suddenly down on the street as in the episode.

78. When trying to regain control after coming out of the vortex, T-Bone almost crashes into the volcano he and Razor will fly through later. The wing nicks the rim of the crater. It's implied this is what awakens Razor from his G-force-induced unconsciousness. (It is explicitly written in the script to omit this bit of business.)

79. It's established more clearly that the reason Razor realizes they're running out of fuel is because he looks back and sees the torn section of hose spewing the stuff through the gash in the side.

80. More extra dialogue: as the jet goes in for a forced landing, T-Bone tells his partner, "If you're gonna pass out, now might be a good time!" Razor replies (oddly), "I wouldn't miss this for the world." Miss what? T-Bone crashing? T-Bone's line makes sense. Razor's response to it doesn't.

81. Razor doesn't go "Huh?" when he sees the Plesiosaurs. I always thought that was a weird addition.

82. The Plesiosaurs are described coming out of a bog rather than what is clearly a huge lake in the finished episode.

83. There's a closeup inside the cockpit as we see T-Bone push the button to eject. In the episode, this happens offscreen.

84. The "long-necked flying reptiles" "squeak evilly" as they swoop in to attack when we first see them. AFAIK, they don't make a noise of any kind in the episode until the actual chase later.

85. The crowd of fleeing people is described slightly differently than in the episode, and the Megasaurus rex is still carrying the Pastmaster in its hand at this point, instead of him riding on its head. And in fact up until the tar pit scene, he remains in the dinosaur's hand for the entire sequence with the Enforcers.

86. The Enforcer Sergeant from earlier is commanding the blockade of squad cars, as opposed to the generic commando with a pistol.

87. When Feral drives up and converses with the Sergeant, he talks to him through the rolled down window, instead of getting out like he does in the episode.

88. Different dialogue (underlined): "We've thrown everything at that thing!" instead of "We've thrown everything at that lizard!"

89. Still in his car, Feral scans the skies for the SWAT Kats before saying he's surprised they're not there.

90. When told the SWAT Kats were taken out of the fight earlier, Feral is described as grinning and being pleased. In the finished episode, he seems more puzzled than anything at this news.

91. As the dinosaur, disoriented by the sleeping gas, staggers towards the tar pit, it steps on Feral's cruiser. However, he'd already gotten out of it offscreen, so everyone's favorite big-chinned Enforcer commander is fine.

92. The script still fails to address how the dinosaur wound up back at the tar pits, unless Leopold is trying to imply it never really got as far as it seems to in the episode.

93. More extra dialogue: as the Megasaurus rex sinks into the tar, the Pastmaster chides him, "Now look what you've done," as if it's his fault he got groggy and stumbled in.

94. Slightly different dialogue as Feral reacts to Abby: "Hey, I give the orders around here." The finished episode omits the "Hey."

95. Now the Pastmaster is sitting on the dinosaur's head. How he got there as it was sinking and thrashing without falling into the tar himself is anybody's guess. Leopold never describes him climbing up the dinosaur's sinking body. I guess in the storyboarding/animation stage, it was decided it'd be simpler if he started the sequence already riding on the head, having been put there by the dinosaur between scenes.

96. Slightly different dialogue: Callie doesn't address Abby as "Dr. Sinian" when talking to Feral, she calls her by her first name. "Feral, Abby knows what she's talking about." I'm glad this was changed. I get Callie and Abby being on a first-name basis between themselves, but if she wants Feral to take her companion seriously, calling her by her professional title and surname would back up the claim that she's the museum curator. "Dr. Sinian" just carries more weight than "Abby." Especially considering Feral apparently has no idea who she is before this scene.

97. The Megasaurus rex is never described as sinking any further than up to his neck. Slightly different than in the episode where he's in past his chin. In both versions he never sinks further. It's interesting to considering what was done with the trapped dinosaur. I like to imagine he was somehow extracted and put in a zoo like the title creature in the Fleischer Superman short The Arctic Giant.

98. When grabbing his radio to make his first ever (even in production order) call for chopper backup, Feral reaches in through the window of his partially-crushed car to get it. Amazingly, it still works. Enforcer tech is tough!

99. When noticing where the Pastmaster is headed, Callie is described standing beside Feral's crushed car. In the episode she's standing next to Abby, and there is no car in sight, crushed or otherwise (there is a later shot of her beside Manx's limo, though).

100. The shot of Callie realizing where the Pastmaster is going describes her being "near the museum entrance." This, plus the proximity of the tar pit, confirms the dinosaur never left the street he landed on after emerging from the vortex.

101. An extended scene and some extra dialogue. Abby says "My car's in the garage," suggesting she and Callie drive to City Hall.

102. No "Huh?" from Manx when he gets startled by the pterodactyls.

103. Extra dialogue: "Afterburners! Now!" says T-Bone, meaning he and Razor need to speed up, I guess.

104. There are six long-necked flying reptiles instead of four. The SWAT Kats get rid of the first two by making them crash into one another, whereupon they fall down into the water. Where they're presumably eaten by the Plesiosaurs (even the script only implies this for the most part by describing the Plesiosaurus as "well-fed" when the two tied up with Spider Missiles fall in a few moments later).

105. T-Bone and Razor high-five as they fly alongside one another. Do they do this in the episode? I can't remember.

106. Extra dialogue: "Those water lizards should be thankin' us for servin' 'em a four-course meal!" grumbles T-Bone, confirming that the flying reptiles who fall in the water are, in fact, eaten. "There better be nothin' left to serve" adds Razor in another line that I'm trying to wrap my head around. Is he referring to him and T-Bone taking care of the final two flying reptiles or they themselves not getting eaten? He also notes "We're almost out of missiles... almost out of gas." "And plumb out of luck!" adds T-Bone.

107. Extra bit: Due to the depleting missile and fuel situation of the Ejektors, T-Bone wants to land and fight the remaining two flying dinosaurs hand to hand! What?! "[K]ats should be chasin' birds... not the other way 'round!" Between this and his earlier ill-advised attempt to grapple with the sabretoothed tiger (which did end up in the episode), T-Bone really is itchin' to get his butt kicked in this.

108. There's more close-quarters aerial smacking and punching between the SWAT Kats and their flying enemies here. One of the flying reptiles swipes at Razor's Ejektor seat with a claw, taking a chunk out of it. One flies up alongside T-Bone and tries to bite him, but he smacks its head away.

109. When T-Bone says Razor is crazy, he does so with admiration as opposed to what sounds like astonishment in the episode.

Act II proceeds as normal after this.

Statistics: Posted by Kooshmeister — Thu Dec 14, 2017 2:20 pm

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marklungo Says:

1. In the stills gallery, the voice credits come from "The Metallikats" instead of this episode.

2. I would have loved to seen the deleted Callie & Abby scenes in the finished episode, partially because they would have filled some of the plot holes, partially because I like both characters. SinianThisCait CallieIcon1

Statistics: Posted by marklungo — Thu Dec 14, 2017 12:42 pm

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Kooshmeister Says:

Yes, but it's still clearly a cemetery in the final version, complete with tombstones, and no sign of the Stonehenge-like stonework the script describes. Skeletons aside, it really doesn't come as being described like a graveyard in the script, down to calling the crooks "relic robbers" instead of grave robbers.

Statistics: Posted by Kooshmeister — Thu Dec 14, 2017 12:45 am

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Jiesi Says:

Since the graveyard was really supposed to be midevil Ruins it now makes sense that there was a sign that says property of the museum no digging. Or something along those lines

Statistics: Posted by Jiesi — Wed Dec 13, 2017 8:50 pm

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