Dark Kat, the SWAT Kats’ arch-nemesis, has returned. The SWAT Kats must face their own past to stop him from destroying Megakat City with a nuclear bomb.

Animato! Summary

When Dark Kat steals the material for a homemade nuclear bomb to destroy Megakat City, neither the SWAT Kats nor the Enforcers can break through his defenses.

Commander Feral tries to sneak aboard Dark Kat’s ship (a plan even he admits is “desperate and stupid”) and quickly gets captured. The ambitious Lt. Steel (Hal Rayle), Feral’s yuppie scum aide-decamp, would rather advance his career than rescue his boss, so it’s up to the SWAT Kats to save both Feral and Megakat City.

A suspenseful, exciting episode, but what makes it special is a flashback sequence that shows as much of the SWAT Kats’ origin as we’re ever likely to see, which is why this should have been the first episode broadcast.

Appearances: Burke & Murray appear in the flashback.

Animato summary written by Mark Lungo