Act 2

The SWAT Kats rescue the school bus. Mayor Manx and Commander Feral attempt to shoot down the Turmoil-controlled Mega-Beam used SCUD-like “Skat Missiles,” but fail, and Turmoil demands a payment of $50 million in gold to be personally paid to her by T-Bone in the Turbokat – alone. He flies to the Cloud Fortress, while Razor and Cybertron secretly followed using the Snowkat, a Cyclotron-like vehicle capable of driving in the snow. Upon arriving at Turmoil’s base, T-Bone is captured and placed under her control by a device called the Crown of Obedience. Meanwhile, Razor and Cybertron are attacked by some of Turmoil’s guards in snowmobiles, and the newly reformed Omega Squadron in gyrocopters. They fall down an icy gorge.