Complete list of deaths that occurred in the series, assumed or otherwise. Compiled by Kooshmeister.


  • Definite – Means the death(s) is/are either confirmed or very obvious.
  • Implied – Means the death(s) is/are only assumed and may or may not have happened.
  • Definite and Implied – Means the death(s) floats between Definite and implied; usually used for groups of people or creatures where some may have died and some may not have.


  • Enforcers (throughout the series) – Definite and implied; too many to count.
  • Everyday Citizens (throughout the series) – Definite and implied; too many to count.
  • Creeplings (throughout the series) – Definite and implied; too many to count.
  • The Pastmaster (before “The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice”) – Only implied; although he obviously is, as he says in his spells, immortal and wasn’t dead but just asleep in his coffin for 800 years and awakened when Tom tried to steal his watch, we don’t know if he in fact died at some point to become skeletal or not.
  • Museum Guard (“The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice”) – Only implied; he brought a whole dinosaur skeleton crashing down onto himself, but he could have survived, and just been knocked out.
  • Morbulus (“The Giant Bacteria”) – Definite; technically he died when Dr. Viper mutated him into the giant bacteria, in the sense he ceased to be sentient. In any case, all the resulting bacteria were destroyed, so it’s a safe bet Morbulus is gone.
  • Farmer (“The Giant Bacteria”) – Definite; he was fed to the bacteria monster by Dr. Viper.
  • Subway Train Passengers (“The Giant Bacteria”) – Definite; everyone aboard, including the driver, was eaten along with the train by the giant bacteria.
  • Dr. N. Zyme (“The Giant Bacteria”) – Floats between Implied and Definite; the giant bacteria’s hand comes through the glass at him, but then the bacteria turns to swipe at Feral’s chopper, so he could have survived. Christian Tremblay says he “probably died,” though.
  • Mac and Molly Mange (before “The Metallikats”) – Definite; they both drowned when their tiny rowboat was plowed under by a huge ship. Professor Hackle brought them back to life, however, but putting their minds into robot bodies.
  • Katscratch (“The Metallikats”) – Definite; blasted by Mac’s multiweapon, he was burned to a crisp.
  • Several Megalith City Guards (“Bride of The Pastmaster”) – Only implied; although they were in fact hit by a spiked club wielded by a giant cyclops, it really didn’t look like they were hit that hard.
  • Megalith City Guard (“Bride of The Pastmaster”) Only implied; grabbed by a harpy and then dropped from high up, he could have survived the fall, or could not have.
  • Several More Megalith City Guards (“Bride of The Pastmaster”) – Definite and implied; knocked screaming off the city walls by the blows from the cyclopses’ clubs, it all depends on how and where they landed.
  • Warden Cyrus Meece (“Chaos in Crystal”) – Definite; after getting turned to crystal by Rex Shard, Meece is knocked over onto the floor by a clumsy Dr. Greenbox, and shatters into a hundred pieces.
  • The Red Lynx (before and in “The Ghost Pilot”) – Definite and implied; he was shot down in Mega War II by the Blue Manx, and obviously he had to have died to be able to come back as a ghost. However, we don’t know if he was destroyed for good when Mayor Manx shot him down again.
  • Dr. Harley Street (“The Ci-Kat-A”) – Only implied; he was sent crashing through the window and fell 300 stories, but remember he had wings, so he could’ve regained control and flown to safety. (Dr. Street was also slated to appear in a second episode, “Doctors of Doom,” before the series was canned)
  • 2 Megakat Biochemical Labs Guards (“Katastrophe”) – Definite; even though we never see either of them killed onscreen, Dr. Viper later says “Now that you’ve had your dinner,” and I doubt he was talking about those donuts.
  • Homeless Kat (“Mutation City”) – Only implied; all we see is him run into one of the uglier, tentacle-like mutations and starts screaming his head off. He either got eaten or could have managed to get away.
  • One of Mutilor’s Henchmen (“When Strikes Mutilor”) – Only implied; found motionless at the controls of his crashed ship by Felina; he was either dead or just knocked out.
  • Several of Mutilor’s Henchmen (“When Strikes Mutilor”) – Definite and implied; stupid enough to catch the grenade thrown at them by the SWAT Kats, several are likely blown to bits, at least the one who actually caught it probably was killed.
  • Mutilor (“When Strikes Mutilor”) – Definite; since he was already in his escape ship, it’s unlikely that the small craft would be big enough to have escape pods. Also, the explosion happened so quickly that Mutilor would’ve been unable to get to an escape pod if there were any.
  • Megakat Superconductors Guard (“Razor’s Edge”) – Only implied; thrown into a pile of crates by Dark Kat’s ninjas, he manages to press the alarm button before collapsing, still pinned under the creates. He either died or just passed out.
  • Missing Miners (before “Caverns of Horror”) – Definite; we see their skeletons. They’re very much dead.
  • Tiger Conklin (“Caverns of Horror”) – Only implied; flung several feet into the air when the king scorpion burst through the ground under his feet, his fate is uncertain. It all depends where and how he landed.
  • Busload of Tourists (“The Deadly Pyramid”) – Definite and implied; this one’s hard to say. The bus went careening off a cliff when the driver swerved to avoid the giant mummies, and then it was crushed and thrown into an Enforcer chopper by a mummy, both vehicles exploding. Though some of the passengers can be seen running away after the tumble down the cliff and before the bus is crushed and thrown, it’s doubtful that everyone survived and got out in time.
  • Volcanus (“Volcanus Erupts!”) – Definite; blown to bits by Razor’s electronic detonator. Sure he was a demon, but he’s dead as far as the mortal realm is concerned.
  • Dr. Elrod Purvis (“The Origin of Dr. Viper”) – Definite; he fell down the stairs and spilled Viper Mutagen 368 and, as Dr. Zyme later explains to Feral, the shock to his system was too great and killed him. However, Dr. Purvis’ body was brought back to life at the morgue, thanks to the Viper Mutagen’s revitalizing effects, and he became Dr. Viper.
  • The Dark SWAT Kats (“The Dark Side of The SWAT Kats”) – Only implied; the explosion could have merely catapulted them into another alternate dimension, or just plain killed them. It’s hard to say.
  • Zed (“Unlikely Alloys”) – Only implied; yes he fell apart when the main micro-brain repair unit portion of him was smashed, but remember that machines can be rebuilt.


Anything non-sentient; animals, monsters, etc.

  • Two Skeletons (before and in “The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice”) – Definite; they obviously died to become skeletons, and became undead when the Pastmaster zapped them with his watch. They were destroyed, again, by an Enforcer chopper.
  • Sabretoothed Tiger (“The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice”) – Definite; encased in cement when Razor nailed it with the cement machine gun.
  • Megasaurus Rex (“The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice”) – Only implied; even though it did sink into the tar pits, we don’t know if it in fact sank any further than up to its head as shown.
  • 4 Long-Necked Flying Reptiles (“The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice”) – Definite; the first two, snared by Spider Missiles, fell into the water and either drowned or were eaten by the approaching plesiosaurs. The other two, chasing the SWAT Kats through the volcano, couldn’t take the heat and fell into the lava.
  • Pterodactyl (“The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice”) – Definite; roasted by backwash from the Turbokat’s afterburners. None of the other pterodactyls appeared to die.
  • Cow (“The Giant Bacteria”) – Definite; eaten more or less onscreen by the giant bacteria.
  • Giant Bacteria (“The Giant Bacteria”) – Definite for all three; the first was fried when it stepped on an electrified rail in the subway, the second was killed with a Megavolt Missile, and the final giant bacteria was electrocuted when the downed powerlines fell onto it.
  • Plantimals (“Destructive Nature”) – Definite; unkillable by anything except the cold, all the plantimals died when Megakat Tower was frozen by super rocket coolant.
  • Oil-Sucking Eels (“Bride of The Pastmaster”) – Definite and implied; the first one was blown up when it swallowed a Match Head Missile, which ignited all the oil it had eaten. The battle at the second eel at the end of the episode was never shown, so we can only assume the outcome.
  • Cyclops No. 1 (“Bride of The Pastmaster”) – Definite; not only do we see him fall down into the canyon, but the statue of him held by the Pastmaster explodes, quite obviously signifying the cyclops’ death.
  • Cyclops No. 2 (“Bride of The Pastmaster”) – Only implied; smacked in the face with a giant spiked ball-and-chain, it looks as though he was just knocked out.
  • Cyclops No. 3 (“Bride of The Pastmaster”) – Definite; blinded by pepper stew, he stumbles right off a cliff and into a canyon. If that was enough to kill the first cyclops, it’s enough for this one.
  • 2 Harpies (“Bride of The Pastmaster”) – Definite; roasted by the flames spewed by the Pastmaster’s dragon.
  • Dragon (“Bride of The Pastmaster”) – Definite; blew up after being hit with the Dragon Sword Missile.
  • Ci-Kat-A Drones (“The Ci-Kat-A”) – Definite and implied; too many to count.
  • Queen Ci-Kat-A (“The Ci-Kat-A”) – Definite; crushed under the falling penthouse of Megakat Tower.
  • Mushroom Monster (“Katastrophe”) – Only implied; if it could survive the explosion that destroyed Megakat Biochemical Labs and the Megakat Tunnel, it could certainly survive the explosion in Dark Kat’s hideout. All the other villains did, anyway.
  • Giant Scorpions (“Caverns of Horror”) – Definite and implied; too many to count.
  • King Scorpion (“Caverns of Horror”) – Definite; blew up in outer space after the heat from the Turbokat’s backwash ignitied the toxic waste it had eaten.
  • Giant Mummies (before and in “The Deadly Pyramid”) – Definite; obviously they had to have died all those years ago to become mummified. In any case, they were all definatly destroyed when melted into pinkish glop by the light.
  • Pharoah Katchu Picchu (before and in “The Deadly Pyramid”) – Definite both times; like his mummies, I think it’s fairly obvious he died years ago. He was destroyed for good when the SWAT Kats broke the jeweled headdress of power, causing Katchu Picchu to melt.
  • 3 Mutated Mosquitos (“The Origin of Dr. Viper”) – Definite; crushed by a falling section of the Megakat Biochemical Labs ceiling.
  • 4 Killer Wasps (“The Origin of Dr. Viper”) – Definite; blown up, along with the oil refinery, by Mini-Match Head Missiles.