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The Wrath of Dark Kat Reviewed - The SWAT Kats Encyclopedia

The Exciting Conclusion

The Exciting Conclusion

Cut to the exterior of the volcano, as T-Bone and Razor help a groggy Feral out of the tunnel.

“We have to stop him!” declares Feral. “Whaddaya mean ‘we?’” demands T-Bone. Before Feral can answer, a trio of Enforcer jets arrives. Razor quips that Feral “won’t be needing a ride,” and then he and T-Bone into the Turbokat and take off.

As Feral approaches the three Enforcer jets, none other than Lt. Commander Steel greets him. Huh? Why did Steel suddenly have a change of heart? It’s never explained. Steel tries to explain his tardiness, as Feral gets a nice bit when he says, “Lights against you all the way, Steel?” Steel lies and says they had trouble getting organized or something. Feral responds by saying, “Mister, you don’t know what trouble is, but I’m going to introduce you to some!”

The Exciting Conclusion

Next thing you know, both Feral and Steel are riding in a jet, with Steel sitting in back and whining about how he’s never had training in aerial combat, something I find impossible to believe. Feral simply says that if Steel wants his job, then, “This is how you earn it!” I should also mention that despite arriving with three jets, the other two aircraft completely disappear from the episode and are never seen again. WHY?!?!? Why would Feral send them back to Enforcer Headquarters?!

I’m giving this episode way more of my time than I feel it deserves, so I’m going to end this recap as quickly as possible and cut right to the chase:

Dark Kat tries to drop the “Doomsday Device” on Megakat City, but the SWAT Kats flie underneath the airship and pop the canopy, allowing Razor to get up inside the ship’s open bomb bay doors using his grappling line. Dark Kat tries to drop the bomb only to have it not fall because Razor has tied it in place, and the villain sends the creeplings down there to kick him off the ship.

More lame fighting, and we get the payoff to the whole “Razor-hid-the-pepper-in-his-pocket” thing when he uses the pepper to blind one of the creeplings, before they finally untie the bomb, which falls down with Razor clinging to it (this is the only mildly suspenseful part of the episode). He decides to try and disarm the bomb in midair, but discovers, in a nice moment, that all of the wires inside are the same color: Red.

This is a cute concept, but how would Dark Kat himself have wired the bomb if all the wires are the same color? Anyway, Razor just guesstimates which wire to cut, then jumps off and parachutes to safety as the bomb lands on the runway of Enforcer Headquarters, but does not detonate. Yeesh.

The Exciting Conclusion

Intercut with all this is a boring dogfight/chase with T-Bone in the Turbokat and the Doomsday Express, which Dark Kat on the defensive despite the fact his aircraft is much bigger than the Turbokat and has that cool forcefield.

Using the “auxilliary weapons panel,” T-Bone, who thinks Razor is dead, launches a Scrambler Missile that, as he predicted earlier, shorts out the Doomsday Express’ shields.

Before he can finish the villain off, Commander Feral and Steel pull up in their jet, and he (Feral) and T-Bone have an arguement about whose “tag” it is, and while they’re arguing Dark Kat finally decides to shoot at them with a couple of missiles, but manages to miss both jets (why he isn’y using the Green Laser of Doom is beyond me, since thye showed earlier it was capable of firing in any direction – My only guess is for some stupid reason that particular weapon cannot be used in flight).

Feral tells Steel to return fire. Steel reiterates that he lacks experience in this sort of thing, and gets airsick, prompting Feral to exclaim, “And you wanted my job?” I can understand Feral wishing to scare Steel into not betraying him again, but he should’ve known that the Lt. Commander had no aerial combat training and would make a really lousy gunner.

"I think I'm gonna be sick."

"I think I'm gonna be sick."

Anyways, T-Bone finally blows Feral off and shoots the Doomsday Express down.

It is assumed Dark Kat perishes in the crash, but naturally, he’ll show up again later in the series. T-Bone laments, “Too bad Razor wasn’t here to see it.” This isn’t the last time that the writers try to throw in some half-arsed “drama” by having T-Bone irrationally (nay, casually) assume that Razor has gone and gotten himself killed while going it solo.

To me, instead of impyling that T-Bone cares about Razor, this implies, instead, that T-Bone has no faith or trust in his partner.

Anyways, Razor radios him to come and pick him up at Enforcer Headquarters, “before Feral sticks us with another bill” (he is of course referring to large dent put into the runway by the undetonated bomb). Yes, that’s right, kiddies, shirking responsibility is fun! The episode concludes with T-Bone fly off to do just that.

I have no additional comments for this one. I’ll just let the recap speak for itself.