Xanatos4 spent six months working on this incredibly detailed model of the Turbokat. In his own words he put his soul into it, and the effort shows. Everything from the rivets, the grunge wear and tear, the fabric fibers on the upholstery of the Ejektor seats to the weapons and flight control panels are all incredibly detailed.


A model I made totally based and inspired in that 90’s cartoon called “The Swat Kats” I placed my soul into that model and I promised many people it would be up soon, well that moment has arrived so I hope you like it =)

– Xanatos4

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James Foulks Said:

i have been searching the internet looking for a decent turbokat model to use for a project. i am wanting to turn the jet into a rc version and of all the one’s i have came across yours is the best quality that can be respected and appreciated would you be willing to allow me to use your model for my project?

March 14, 2013

Katrina Said:

Hey James I am in contact with Xanatos, he does not come here often. I will send him the link to your comment.

March 16, 2013