All written by Glenn Leopold, provided by Lance Falk, with commentary by Lance Falk.

Source: Animato!, Spring 1995, Issue #32 by Mark Lungo

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Turmoil II: The Revenge

Turmoil busts out of jail. It opens up in a women’s prison, and this big mole machine comes out of the ground and [the prisoners] all pile into it. Turmoil busts out the entire women’s prison, and they all work for her.

“She gets ahold of a massive laser satellite system, or a big death beam, I’ve forgotten exactly what it was. It’s controlled from her fortress, which is a castle on top of a snowbound mountain. The SWAT Kats must scale the mountain and do all this snow fighting stuff. It’s real James Bond-ish.”

Doctors of Doom

Dr. Viper teams up with Dr. Harley Street, the alien- possessed scientist from “The Ci-Kat-A” (hence the title).

“They create a lot of monsters that have to be blown up within 22 minutes. I hardly remember that one.”

The Curse of Kataluna

“It was a succubus story, about a woman that Commander Feral really had a thing for, and she was really draining the life out of him. He was getting older and older through the show, until he was practically a mummy at the end. [Kataluna] drained his energy and became this big, huge harpy, and she had other harpy things that helped, her, and they were terrorizing the city.”

The SWAT Kats became involved when a justifiably concerned Felina Feral called on them to help save her uncle. Kataluna was voiced by Nancy Linari, who had played Morticia on H-B’s 1992-94 Addams Family series.

“‘Kataluna’ was a real strong episode with another terrific female villain,” Falk says. “It used Commander Feral more than any of the other shows that used him , it was really Feral’s episode.”

Not surprisingly, Dr. Sinian also appears; after helping the SWAT Kats defeat the Pastmaster and the Red Lynx, she’s an old hand at handling supernatural villains by now.

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ulyferal Said:

It really sucks this was never produced. Feral deserved to have had a starring role at least once.

May 21, 2015