World 1

Scene 1

This world has a lot of references to the Dr. Viper episode The Giant Bacteria, but it also features creatures from the episode Destructive Nature, like the giant carnivorous plant or the plantimals.

Besides the Giant Bacteria which has to be beaten in an aerial fight, there are numerous of smaller siblings of it which are regular enemies appearing in most sections of this world.

During the boss battle, Dr. Viper throws flasks of explosive chemicals towards the player character which probably contain a Katalyst similar to the one he throws at the SWAT Kats at the end of the episode The Giant Bacteria. Although the SWAT Kats have never been in Dr. Vipers lab in any episode it is used as the arena for the boss battle.

Scene 2


In the Turbokat section you’re foremost concern is to avoid letting the jet collide with an enemy or with a shot fired at it, as such a hit means sudden death.

Fortunately, you have an unlimited amount of tries to accomplish these sections. Still, it’s quite tricky to handle them.

The section shown in the video above is especially challenging for people who get motion sick rather easily. With the Turbokat being literally flying kamikaze alike towards the Giant Bacteria, the background is spinning around all the time.

So it’s not recommendable to sit too close to the screen when playing this section. Furthermore you should try to remember the order of the formations of the attacking plantimals and which of them are actually spitting acid. There is no need to shoot all of them down as most of them leave the screen rather quickly. Just don’t get in their way when they are leaving. Inside the Giant Bacteria, best concentrate on the lower two eyes of the enemy (whatever that thing is supposed to be) and fire a rocket at each eye switching between them as quickly as possible. Note, that you’ll need a lock on a target before firing a rocket, as you’ll miss otherwise.

Also have in mind that you won’t get a lock on a target again as long as a rocket is still on its way to it. While doing that you have to avoid being hit by the enemies coming out of the eyes. When the boss starts spinning around, continue concentrating your fire on the two eyes you’ve already weakened such that they taken out first. With each eye taken out less enemies will be fired at you.

Once all eyes have been shot down the giant eye in the middle opens. Get a lock on it and fire one rocket at it at a time. Furthermore evade the eyes being thrown at you. Repeat this until the enemy has been defeated.

Scene 3

Boss Battle - Dr. Viper

The boss battle against Dr. Viper is rather straightforward.

You have to get close enough such that the shots from your Glovatrix can hit him. Once you’ve hit him, a wind will blow you away from him so you have to get over there again. As there are large fungi rapidly growing on the ground and blocking your way, you have to jump over them in order to get to Dr. Viper.

You can also stand on them if you like. Try to avoid being hit by the Katalyst flasks that Viper is throwing at you or running into the explosions when they collide with the ground. For some reason you only sometimes gonna loose life force when being hit by them (at least when playing the game with an emulator).

After a few hits Viper starts throwing three flasks at once. Just continue hitting him until the battle is over.