World 3

Scene 1

This world is based on the episode Bride of the Pastmaster and starts with an aerial attack against the oil sucking eel that has entangled the Kat Co. oil tanker.

While approaching the eel, the player has to fend off the creatures send by the Pastmaster. After defeating the eel the Pastmaster sends the SWAT Kats into the past (unlike in the episode where they are accidentally sucked into the Pastmaster’s time vortex much to his discomfort). In the past, the SWAT Kats encounter skeletons, small cyclops and wyverns to name just a few. In one section of the world the Pastmaster appears multiple times riding on a dragon. The player has to take care that he isn’t hit by the dragon’s fiery breath while not falling from a log that is transported on a ropeway. In the boss battle the player has to attack the head of a cyclops controlled by the Pastmaster. When the cyclops is hit, his horn sends out three energy beams the player has to evade in order to avoid a sudden death by being turned into stone. After the Pastmaster has been defeated, Queen Callista sends the SWAT Kats back into the present by kissing the one who the player had selected to play.


The world starts with this Turbokat scene, which is the most challenging (at least when playing it on hard difficulty).

The principles are basically the same as for the one in world 1. But there are a few differences you should keep in mind. First, some of the enemies won’t fly out of the scene in the first section. You should shoot them down as quickly as possible, since they continue to fire shots at the Turbokat. The second section can be handled similar to the one in world 1 too, but it’s much harder to beat as the enemies are more numerous and some of them are way quicker. Beware of those flying in a long curve which are quite tricky to evade. You should never move the jet into a corner for too long as these enemies will hit you there for sure.

There is also another type of enemy looking a bit like a snake which rapidly flies diagonally to the bottom of the screen which can be quite tricky to evade when there are many of them. The author of this text wasn’t able to beat this section on hard difficulty without using the save feature of his emulator (this is actually the only section he couldn’t beat, playing the game on hard difficulty 🙁 ). You will notice the creation of a savegame in the video above each time the audio is interrupted for a moment.

Scene 2

Scene 3

Boss Battle - The Pastmaster

This boss battle is rather straightforward, as you simply need to hit the cyclops’ head with your shots from the Glovatrix.

But beware of the beams that are shot from his horn once he’s hit, as it immediately turns the SWAT Kat into a stone statue. The beam actually won’t hit the SWAT Kat if he’s still invincible when being hit shortly before by a skull popping out of the cyclops’ mouth or by a rock that is thrusted through the air. Repeat hitting the head until it is over.

Scene 4