World 4


This world deals with the Metallikats, but isn’t really based on any of the episodes they appear in, although the bank robbery scene at the beginning seems to refer to the one shown in Katastrope.

Most of the enemies in this world are robots, like wasp-like flying robots and biped-robot minions that pretty much look like the ones appearing in the episode A Bright and Shiny Future which are moving around in the game like being on rollerblades. The latter are actually the only characters used in the game which have been introduced in the second season of the show. Furthermore there is kind of a cameo appearance of Rex Shard from the episode Chaos in Crystal in one of the segments of the world. This is quite an oddity, since only his head (or rather his heads) is rolling towards the player character that can either be shot or evaded by jumping over it. When knowing the show this seems to be a bit out of place. For the boss battle the player enters a big sphere where he has to encounter the Metallikats which are sitting in kind of a rocket that releases spiked metal balls chained to it. The ship can also fire yellow energy balls which the player should try to avoid.

Boss Battle - The Metallikats

In the first stage of this boss battle you have to destroy the spiked balls released from the Metallikats’ rocket.

Each time the balls crush together they get more momentum and are harder to hit and evade. After a while they start loose momentum. Try to evade being hit by them by jumping away. When destroying the first spike ball make sure they don’t have too much momentum, as this won’t change any longer. When the second spiked ball is down, a third one is shot towards the player character. Make sure you have enough space to evade it. This one behaves like an anchor and the rocket will come down too shortly after this. Get as many shots at it as possible until the spiked ball goes back to the vessel and try to avoid being hit by the shots from the rocket. Repeat this until it is over.