When choppers aren’t enough, the Enforcer jet is called in. Small, single-engine aircraft, these jets seat two and their armament consists of laser guns and air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles.

They are rarely used by the Enforcers for unspecified reasons. Likely, it is because the chopper is easier to maneuver among the colossal skyscrapers of Megakat City. Another probable issue is expense reasons.

In any event, the Enforcer jet has been used only five known times: against Dark Kat during his attempt to destroy Enforcer Headquarters, and later when he robbed the Megakat Nuclear Plant, as well as against Hard Drive (alongside Enforcer choppers) when he stole the Behemoth, and, finally, during the alien overlord Mutilor’s attempt to steal the world’s water, wherein Commander Feral and Lieutenant Feral led a squadron of jets against the Marauders flown by Mutilor’s henchmen.

Also, Chance Furlong flew one as pilot, with Jake Clawson as his gunner/navigator, prior to being kicked off the force. The Enforcers of an alternate dimension also make frequent use of these aircraft.

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