Queen Callista was the ancestor of Callie Briggs and the strong-willed ruler of Megalith City. She was also the object of the Pastmaster’s desire. The wicked wizard sought to marry the Queen, no matter what the cost. Callista and her magic council managed to imprison the Pastmaster within the Casket of the Ages, but after being freed 800 years later and being knocked back into the past as a result of a battle with the Swat Kats, Callista found herself forced to deal with him yet again.

Callista and her warriors

A short time thereafter, the Swat Kats themselves were accidentally brought back to the Dark Ages by one of the Pastmaster’s misplaced time vortices.

Seeing the Turbokat fall from the portal, Callista and her warriors, led by Tabor, ventured into the forest to investigate. Initially she mistook them for minions of the Pastmaster and ordered her warriors to kill them, but Razor pulled the Dragon Sword from its stone resting place defending himself against Tabor. After this, and his and T-Bone’s victory against a giant cyclops sent by the Pastmaster to abduct her, Callista became convinced that Razor was the legendary hero prophecized to save Megalith City.

The Queen then invited the Swat Kats back to her castle, offering to let her finest blacksmiths help them repair the Turbokat (although T-Bone made certain he and Razor repaired the jet themselves) and throwing a hero’s feast in their honor. Much to T-Bone’s chagrin, Callista soon fell in love with the heroic Razor. No sooner had their relationship begun than the Pastmaster reared his ugly head again, sending a pair of harpies to abduct the Queen from her bedroom one night.

She was taken away to the evil wizard’s tower, where the Pastmaster gave her two choices: refuse his offer of marriage and watch her precious Megalith City be destroyed by a pair of club-wielding cyclopes sent out before the fact, or marry him and save her kingdom. Just as Callista was about to give in to the Pastmaster’s demands and slip on his ghoulish wedding ring, the Swats Kats, having repaired the Turbokat, flew into battle and defeated the cyclopes. Determined to escape with the Queen, the Pastmaster took Callista and flew away with her on the back of his pet dragon.

Razor in his ejektor seat flew to the rescue, snatching Callista out of the Pastmaster’s clutches, while T-Bone in the Turbokat slew the dragon using the makeshift Dragon Sword Missile. Afterwards, Callista decided that the legend was wrong; that there were two heroes, and that she could not give her love equally to both T-Bone and Razor. Thus, she opted to use her beginner’s magic to open a time vortex of her own, sending the two lovelorn vigilantes back to their own time… after giving them both a well-deserved kiss on the cheek, of course.