Jeeps are offroad vehicles commonly used by citizens of Megakat City. The guards at the Megakat Nuclear Plant used Jeeps as security vehicles. Two of them drove towards the Fear Ship despite Dark Kat’s warning to stay back, prompting him to fire on them using the ship’s heat ray. The guards inside bailed out before the two Jeeps exploded.

Dr. Lieter Greenbox owned a green Jeep which he and Callie Briggs used to escape from the giant Rex Shard. After Greenbox rewired the Gemkat 6000, Callie tried to escape in the Jeep, but Shard stepped on it, simultaneously crushing it and turning the crumpled remains into crystal.

An Enforcer Jeep was present aboard an aircraft carrier during the unveiling of the Blue Manx fighter jet. It was destroyed during the SWAT Kats’ battle against the Red Lynx.

Dr. Abby Sinian’s Katchu Picchu dig site had one Jeep used by the archaeologists. While fleeing from the giant mummies, Randall the photographer stole the Jeep and drove off in it, leaving Sinian and her assistant Henson behind. However, one of the mummies fired at the Jeep, and Randall crashed it into the mountainside.


In the unaired episode Succubus!, the foreman at the Skycor Towers construction site owns a Jeep. When attacked by Laszlo and another one of Katrina Moorkroft’s servants in their gargoyle forms, he tries to escape in it. However, the gargoyles rip the roof open and pull the foreman out, flying away with him.