Jack was a grave robber who worked alongside Tom digging up an ancient cemetary. Unlike Tom, Jack was a cowardly, superstitious kat who believed the “old boneyard” was cursed. Tom dismissed his fears….even after the pair accidentally awoke the Pastmaster! Jack (wisely) suggested they leave, but Tom insisted on selling “that old gnome” to the museum. For reasons best known to himself, instead of running away Jack accompanied his friend in his ill-fated attempt to capture the sorcerer. All this got him was a good scare when the Pastmaster brought to life a pair of zombies which attacked the duo. Jack fled with Tom after one of the undead kats took away his shovel.


Originally, Jack was going to be named Mac. He is identified this way in Glenn Leopold’s final draft for The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice. His name was likely changed to avoid confusion with Mac Mange.