The leader of the giant rock scorpions who were mutated by toxic waste. He was much larger than the other scorpions, yellow in color, with a horned head and a somewhat reptilian face resembling a dragon. It is unknown why he mutated differently from the other scorpions. Another distinctive feature setting him apart from his fellow mutated arachnids was that he could extend his neck out to often ludicrous lengths in order to pursue prey which was outdistancing him.

The other scorpions would capture kat victims and bring them to his lair, a pit, where he would crawl out of a cave and devour them. Presumably, he was the one who killed and ate all five of the missing Megakat Metallurgical miners, and would’ve eaten Ann Gora if the SWAT Kats and Felina Feral hadn’t rescued her.

Although they thought they killed him in a cave-in, he survived and burst through the ground (throwing Megakat Metallurgical president Tiger Conklin several feet into the air as he did so). He climbed onto the Turbokat in an effort to kill the vigilantes, but they flew into outer space using the Speed of Heat mode. As the jet hit the upper atmosphere, the highly volatile toxic waste flowing through the giant scorpion ignited, and he exploded, dying instantly.