Fire demon from Anakata Island awakened by the destruction of the sacred Talisman Stone. Destroyed by the SWAT Kats through the use of an electronic detonator.

Just An Old Stone

Due to its tropical climate and other aesthetic value, Mayor Manx desired to establish a business park on Anakata Island that would attract foreign investor Mr. Young’s business to add to the Megakat City economy.

In order to proceed with constructions, a long-standing relic referred to as the Talisman Stone would have to be destroyed in order to progress.

One of Anakata’s locals protested the action, claming that the stone was the only thing protecting the island from the fire demon known as Volcanus. Manx dismissed the warning as superstition, but Mr. Young and his associates felt that the local traditions of Anakata should and instructed that the stone should be carefully moved.

Manx reluctantly agreed and halfheartedly ordered the works to avoid the stone, but was too late to prevent a bulldozer from reducing it to pieces.

Volcanus Erupts

Within moments, Anakata’s volcano became active, and the giant fire demon Volcanus emerged, and immediatley began to stomp across the island, spewing molten projectiles of fire at the construction equipment, spurring Manx and company to make a narrow escape on a speed boat.

Volcanus pursued the group, disappeared under the waters of Megakat Bay, only to reemerge a short time later, and began attacking Megakat City proper.

Seemingly Unstoppable

Volcanus’s temperature was hot enough to melt nearby structures and vehicles, and its molten, magma like body made it invulnerable to seemingly all of the combined weapons of the Enforcers and the SWAT Kats.

A structural analysis by Razor revealed one potential weakspot on the monster, but it would require the careful, up-close placement of a handheld electronic detonator. Donning a jetpack and heat suit, Razor performed the daring task while T-Bone worked delay and distract Volcanus with the Turbokat.

The stakes were at their peak as Volcanus seemed to have Megakat City’s nuclear power plant in its sights, threatening the destruction of the entire city. With only moments to spare, Razor placed the detonator, but was caught in the clutches of the monster.

The explosive detonated, and due to its precision placement, successfully reduced Volcanus to a pile of rubble, ejecting Razor all the way into Megakat Bay, who astoundingly survived with little-to-no injury.


Deciding that a real park would be better (and also piqued by the prospect of making a percentage off of the merchandising opportunity provided by the Volcanus incident), Manx, with the partnership of Mr. Young, established Anakat Island Park, which is now a successful “hot spot” of tourism.


Although Volcanus had no speaking lines, his various vocalizations in Volcanus Erupts! were supplied by Frank Welker.