The Slicer is a non-explosive, bladed missile, tested at the Megakat Springs test site by Razor, to penetrate targets in a highly destructive, yet controlled and isolated, fashion. The Slicer missile earns its namesake for the “slicing” action it causes, severing the extremities or internal workings of both stationary and moving targets. The Slicer Missile is capable of both air-to-air and air-to-surface targeting.

A Signature Weapon

The Slicer Missile is a staple of the SWAT Kats arsenal, and is preferred in situations where precision is a required.

The Slicer Missile can be fired singularly or in pairs. Heavily armored targets such as the crystalized Rex Shard or energy barriers such as force fields appear to be highly resistant to the Slicer Missile.

Two variants of the missile exist: the first version extends it’s blades in a slower, switch-blade-like action, while the second version merely expands widthwise.

Both versions are stored compressed, with the chassis exploding outward into segments upon deployment. Two rockets on the outsets propel the missile.

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Slicer Missiles