A snippet from the January 1995 issue (#48) of Comics Scene’s Animation Scene section, written by Bob Miller, giving animation industry news, including one small piece detailing the unexpected cancellation of SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron. Article text below.


SWAT Kats Canned: It happened unexpectedly.

SWAT Kats was doing reasonably well in the ratings, and there was talk of a third season. By late July, 13 episodes had been recorded for the show’s second season; production was underway on episode #11.

Suddenly, Turner Entertainment ordered its subsidiary, Hanna-Barbera, to cancel production altogether, and lay off creative personnel throughout the studio. The purge affected 23 in-house artists (including half the background department) and 75 freelancers.

As for SWAT Kats‘ cancellation, former employees were told that the show wasn’t selling enough merchandise. But that’s because there was hardly any merchandise or marketing to begin with! Therefore, Turner decided to cancel the show. Go figure.

SWAT Kats will have 10 new episodes this year; the final three have been recorded and storyboarded and, at this point, are in limbo. First season episodes are now being broadcast on the Cartoon Network.