According to fan Phoenix Audubon, this patch was sighted being used by a group of US Air Force personnel. The designation “128 EACCS” refers to the 128th Expeditionary Airborne Command and Control Squadron.

Notes From Fan Phoenix Audubon

Notes From Fan Phoenix Audubon

The year is 2004. I am in the U.S. Air Force, currently deployed to…well, we’ll say somewhere in Southwest Asia. Hanging around the “consolidated club” (read: bar), I notice some guys in desert flightsuits. They have some kind of patch on their arms, and the design seems strikingly familiar. Later, when I’m on duty, I check out the base newsgroup posts. There are several requests on here for various unit’s insignias. So, I do my best to describe the patch I saw in a seeking post. Several days later, I get a hit.

Now, this part of the story’s a little sketchy in my mind. But, if I remember right, the person who replied sent one of his co-workers to escort me to the building his unit worked at. Once I get there, my liaison gives me the patch I desired. Didn’t say much else, but I was gracious, nonetheless.

Fast forward to 2006. I go through a box in my closet, and find it has several souvenirs from my tour of duty. However, after emptying the box, the patch I had coveted so much was not there. I’m thoroughly bummed. “Where else could it be,” I wonder?

Fast forward to today. I brought my laptop with me to school today–the same laptop I took overseas–in case a classmate of mine wanted to do some practice physics problems. When I started to unpack the laptop and put it back in place in my living room, something slips out.

There it is!!! My patch!