The result of the illegal dumping of toxic chemicals by Megakat Metallurgical under the direction of Tiger Conklin.

These giant mutated scorpions were responsible for the disappearance and deaths of several of the aforementioned company’s miners.

This led a company foreman by the name of Taylor to alert the Enforcers, which also attracted the attention of Kat’s Eye News reporter Ann Gora.

The mineral Agracite, which was being mined by Megakat Metallurgical, had somehow become a part of the scorpion’s physiology upon mutation, making them incredibly durable and resistant to convention weaponry.

Appearance & Behavior

The scorpions appeared to operate in a hive-like hierarchy, delivering still alive victims to a central area deep underground, whereupon they were first consumed by a leader scorpion.

Ann Gora discovered this first hand and almost became another victim, but was saved by the efforts of the SWAT Kats and Enforcer Lieutenant Felina Feral.

The leader scorpion was much larger than its subordinates, and featured a unique extending neck that could rapidly elongate it an accordion-like fashion, allowing it to latch onto its victims at range.

Resistant to most attacks, the SWAT Kats had to resort to indirect methods to dispatch the subordinate scorpions, such as by crushing them by detaching large stalactites or luring them into pools of magma.

Ruthlessly Single-Minded

The lead scorpion proved the most difficult to destroy, and also the proved to be the most vicious, as it pursued the SWAT Kats and company all the way back to the surface.

The scorpion latched onto the Turbokat as it ascended, nearly destroying the aircraft before the SWAT Kats engaged the Speed of Heat Mode in a desperate attempt to dislodge the creature.

The resulting friction from the airspeed proved to be enough to  cause the toxic chemicals absorbed by the scorpion to ignite and explode, destroying the creature.

The ultimate fate of the scorpions is unknown, as the toxic chemicals are still present at the mining site and deep underground, where presumably the mutations are still occurring.