MoDaD started The SWAT Kats Encyclopedia in 1999, and has been coordinating with various fans over the years to organize and maintain what has become one of the largest collections of SWAT Kats content on the internet. MoDaD is responsible for numerous entries and has been the lead designer/developer in a multitude of online fan projects, most notable of which is swatkats.info.

One of the more recents projects of MoDaD’s was the March 2017 SWAT Kats Get-Together event with show creators Christian and Yvon Tremblay along with show writer Television’s Lance Falk, which included interviews, a live stream and giveaway. This event can be found on the swatkats.info YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/swatkats

His latest project is The MEGA SWAT Kast, a podcast show by SWAT Kats fans for SWAT Kats fans, featuring episode commentary with sound bytes, synopsis and observations about Megakat City’s heroes and villains that are occasionally amusing, located at podcast.swatkats.info

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