Katscratch is a toothpick-chewing mobster who once worked for Mac and Molly Mange. When Mac and Molly were arrested and sent to Alkatraz, Katscratch and partner Fango quickly took over the katnip trade in Megakat City, formerly run by the Manges. His time as leader of the gang was short. Mac and Molly soon escaped from Alkatraz and became the seemingly indestructible Metallikats, and they interrupted his and Fango’s latest katnip smuggling operation in an abandoned tuna factory. Indignant, Katscratch refused to turn the leadership of the gang over to Mac and Molly even after they had revealed themselves to be robots. His attempt to kill them with his laser pistol failed and Katscratch was burned to death by a blast from Mac’s multi-weapon.