Steel was the young and ambitious second-in-command of Commander Feral. Steel had his sights set on Feral’s job, but he had neither the patience to wait for his turn nor the experience needed for such an important position.

Treacherous Ambition

During Dark Kat’s plot to nuke Megakat City, Feral tried to sneak aboard the Fear Ship, but got himself captured in the process. Rather than try to rescue him, the selfish Steel instead took over as commander, but Feral was saved by the SWAT Kats and Dark Kat defeated, and it is unknown if Steel was punished or not despite seeming to have a change of heart and come looking for Feral.

In Command Again

He still held the position of Lieutenant Commander during the appearance of Madkat. Katzmer arrived at Enforcer Headquarters to report the robbery, but because Feral was in the middle of running off to save Mayor Manx, the old shopkeeper was instructed to see Steel. Feral ended up as Madkat’s third victim of revenge, and Steel quickly took over as commander yet again, ignoring poor Katzmer and making him wait all day despite nagging from the Enforcer Sergeant. He did little if anything to prevent Madkat from taking hostage Deputy Mayor Briggs, and tried to blame Enforcer Headquarters’ destruction on the SWAT Kats. But after being set free by the vigilantes, Feral told Steele to shut up. He has not been seen since.


There was some confusion as to the spelling of his name. In The Wrath of Dark Kat, he insists it’s “with two Es,” making it S-T-E-E-L, but in Enter the Madkat, we see his nameplate reads S-T-E-E-L-E. As it turned out, according to the storyboards for the latter, his name is in fact S-T-E-E-L, with even his nameplate spelled that way, making the S-T-E-E-L-E spelling in the actual episode an animation error.