A large metropolis with millions of residents, Megakat City has a diverse climate with nearby swamps, deserts, and mountains, while enjoying a coastal position with nearby tropical islands.

Mayor Manx is the current head of city government, with Calico Briggs who serves as the deputy mayor. Commander Ulysses Feral leads the city’s designated paramilitary defense force, the Enforcers. The expansive skyline stretching into the horizon can almost always be seen.

Megakat City is rich in industry, a leader in technology and is at the forefront of scientific advancement. It has a long history with its roots in medieval times. Conversely, the city is also plagued with a number of unusual threats, as several well-known super villains and monsters of varying origin have made it their mission in life to destroy, conquer or loot the city.

Perhaps Megakat City is best known as the home of the SWAT Kats, a pair of popular vigilantes who have made it their mission to defend the city against these unusual threats, much to the chagrin of Commander Feral who considers them outlaws.

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