Several reporters descended upon the Megakat Refinery after the SWAT Kats’ defeat of Morbulus. Ann Gora was among them, but she was accompanied by two other reporters from Kat’s Eye News and two from Inside Megakat City. Ann was the one who interviewed Mayor Manx, while one of her colleagues, a tall reporter with black hair, pressed Commander Feral for information about Morbulus’ whereabouts. Feral told him he thought Morbulus had drowned.

Later that day, a short reporter with orange hair from Kat’s Eye News interviewed Feral on the 5:00 news. He asked Feral to clarify whether or not the Enforcers had Morbulus in custody, and an angry Feral shoved him aside and told viewers that Morbulus had escaped, and he blamed the SWAT Kats.

They all attended the dedication of the Manx Municipal Park the following day. The short orange-haired reporter took a photograph of Manx cutting the ribbon to unveil his statue. When Dr. Viper’s bacteria monster attacked the park, the reporters all ran away.

Later, during the aftermath of the Metallikats’ attempt to rob the Megakat Mint, several reporters interviewed Commander Feral about the incident. He told them that the Enforcers (with “minor help” from the SWAT Kats) had thwarted the robbery.