Large underground training facility used by the SWAT Kats to keep their skills and training up-to-date.

A Dangerous Obstacle Course

The first half is an obstacle course  featuring numerous challenges such as blow torches, spikes, mechanical octopus arms and other assorted lethal extremities with timed passageways that will close-off if not completed quickly.

The second half is a slower, more psychologically challenging mockup of a rundown Megakat City neighborhood where cardboard cutouts of targets, friendly and enemy, popup at random, and the participants must decide quickly whether to engage or hold off an attack. If a participant attacks a friendly cutout, it’s an automatic game over.

When training in the Reflex Room, the SWAT Kats Glovatrixes run a score keeper application that assigns a numerical score based on the user’s performance.

Archived Comments

Alexandra Bryant Said:

The Reflex Room is totally out of this world and extremely awesome because the SWAT Kats T-Bone and Razor are always good at using and performing their cool fighting skills and technical gadgets to keep their strength up whenever trouble occurs in Megakat City such as the insane schemes of Dark Kat, Dr. Viper, Mac and Molly Mange AKA The Metallikats, and The Pastmaster. But even mighty superheroes like T-Bone and Razor really need some well-deserved beauty sleep and they are also going to have to help and train the newest members of their team: Lt. Felina Feral, Wildstorm, Apex, Tack, Gaze, Crimson, Aero, and Klystron when they also have the chance to pass all the dangerous obstacles in the Reflex Room.

January 25, 2015