Taylor was the foreman of the miners who worked for the Megakat Metallurgical Co. A very levelheaded individual, Taylor was chosen by his fellow miners to confront Tiger Conklin and voice their refusal to go back into the mines when several of their coworkers had disappeared. When Conklin refused to listen, Taylor called in the Enforcers.

After their arrival, he told Lieutenant Felina Feral the whole story and showed her where the other miners had vanished. When the mine began to cave in as the result of a nervous Enforcer commando, Taylor got everyone back to the lift and up top, with some help from the SWAT Kats who pulled the lift the rest of the way up when the shaft began to collapse.

After the SWAT Kats and Lieutenant Feral returned from rescuing Ann Gora, Taylor inquired as to the fates of the other missing miners and was told that they were, sadly, all dead – and that Tiger Conklin was to blame.

Taylor was voiced by Charlie Adler.

Archived Comments

Alexandra Bryant Said:

I think Taylor is a much better person to be the real president of Megakat Metallurigal Company than his ex-boss Tiger Conklin after he and the other coworkers learned from the SWAT Kats T-Bone and Razor, Lieutenant Felina Feral of the Enforcers, and Ann Gora from Kat’s Eye News that he’s the one behind the mysterious disappearances of the other five miners because they’d been killed by rock scorpions that were turned into giant mutated monsters from the numerous barrels of toxic waste that had been illegally dumped underground.

January 23, 2015