With the Turbokat still undergoing a rebuild and Megakat City threatened by the space prirate Mutilor, the SWAT Kats were forced to construct an impromtu battle vehicle using their Tow Truck as the source material.

Using a semi-automated assembly system in the hangar, armor plating, all-terrain tires, jet boosters and an ground-to-surface anti-aircraft turret were installed.

Driven by T-Bone, and the turret manned by Razor, the SWAT Kats led a ground-based counterattack against Mutilor’s Marauders, and successfully engaged them for a brief time until the Aquain Mothership was used by Mutilor to bombard the surface.

Even with its high speed modifications the Thunder-Truck’s ground limitations made it no match for the superior air-to-ground attacks, and it was destroyed shortly after a last-minute abandonment by the SWAT Kats.

The Thunder-Truck’s destruction forced the vigilantes to redouble their efforts to finish the Turbokat rebuild weeks ahead of schedule.




In the unaired episode Succubus!, the rebuilt Thunder-Truck is used by T-Bone to assist Felina Feral in their effort to stop Katrina Moorkroft’s gargoyle minions from abducting a construction foreman at Skycor Towers.