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Succubus! Summary & Script - The SWAT Kats Encyclopedia


Below are more details about the unique settings and other items intended to appear in Succubus!


The Airbag Missile was a missile utilized by the SWAT Kats. It resembled an ordinary missile until it detonated against the ground, whereupon it released an enormous cushioning airbag, intended to catch falling kats and break their fall. The missile was used twice, first to save Callie Briggs, Felina Feral and Dr. Abby Sinian when they were knocked off of the museum roof by the tri-head, and again to rescue the aged, partially drained Commander Feral after he was dropped out of the sky by Katrina Moorkroft in her battle against the SWAT Kats. In both cases, the Airbag Missile was a stunning success.


The Buttermilk Lounge was was a location in Megakat City. T-Bone, working on the Turbokat and bored by the Megakat Public Radio broadcast of Purvaldi’s “The Fur Seasons,” changed his radio to an Enforcer band, and overheard the dispatcher mention the Buttermilk was the site of a 211 (a robbery in progress). Officers were reported as being en route.


“The Fur Seasons” was an orchestral piece written by Purvaldi. It was performed at the opening night of the Moorkroft Philharmonic Hall. Jake Clawson, a classical music fan, described it as “radical,” whilst Chance Furlong considered it boring and preferred listening to the Enforcers’ radio chatter. The piece (unheard because Succubus! was never finished) is named for Antonio Vivaldi’s orchestral score “The Four Seasons.”


Megakat Power and Light was an electrical company that supplied power to Megakat City. One of its employees was a victim of the succubus Katrina Moorkroft. His mummified corpse was found in an alley.


Megakat Public Radio was a radio station in Megakat City. They broadcast the Moorkroft Philharmonic’s performance of Purvaldi’s “The Fur Seasons.”


The Megakat River was a river running through Megakat City, where Felina Feral and the Enforcer Sergeant discovered the body of Geno Furness.


Megakat Shipyards was a company located at the Megakat Docks. One of its employees, Geno Furness, became the sixth victim of the succubus Katrina Moorkroft.


Megakat Trucking was a trucking company in Megakat City. One of its employees was one of Katrina Moorkroft’s victims. His body was found in a vacant lot.


The Mega-Octopus Missile was a missile utilized by the SWAT Kats. A larger version of the ordinary Octopus Missile intended for use against monsters and other targets too big for the regular Octopus Missile, one was utilized against the tri-head monster at the museum, grabbing it and knocking it off of the roof. However the beast reverted back to its ordinary form (that of Katrina Moorkroft’s pet ferret) and escaped. The Mega-Octopus Missile, meanwhile, survived the ordeal intact and was presumably retrieved by the SWAT Kats.


Katrina Moorkroft’s personal conveyance, a limousine which resembled a Rolls-Royce. Driven by Otto.


Moorkroft Manor was the home of Katrina Moorkroft, located in Megakat City’s “high-rent” district. She presumably purchased it after moving to the city. It was accessible via an automatically-opening gate, and featured a grand dining room and an observatory accessible from the ground floor by a spiral staircase. Day to day affairs were overseen by Laszlo, the butler. The observatory was where Katrina’s victims were for her to drain. The mansion was partially destroyed during its owner’s battle with the SWAT Kats.


The Moorkroft Philharmonic Hall was a modernistic concert hall located in Megakat City. It was built using money provided by its namesake, Katrina Moorkroft. She and Commander Feral went there on a date, as did Callie Briggs and Razor, attending the inaugurable performance of the orchestra, who played “The Fur Seasons” by Purvaldi. During the performance, Feral and Katrina sat in Katrina’s private box with a tagalong Mayor Manx, while Jake and Callie sat in the first row of the main part of the audience.


Skycor Towers was a planned highrise apartment building which was under construction in Megakat City. Its slogan was “Luxury Living At An Affordable Price.” At the time of a gruesome string of murders which were hitting the city, Skycor was proceeding ahead of schedule, much to the satisfaction of the foreman.


The SWAT Kat Beeper was a communications device used to summon the SWAT Kats in times of danger. It was similar in appearance and function to Callie Briggs’ communicator, except with a blue button in lieu of a red one. Following the ordeal with the gargoyles at Skycor Towers, T-Bone gave one such beeper to Felina Feral. Although she initially refused it, she was urged to keep it “for luck.” Fortunately, she did, and she was later able to use it to alert the SWAT Kats to danger when she was kidnapped by Otto and Laszlo and taken to Moorkroft Manor.


The tri-head was a ferocious three-headed beast which served the succubus Katrina Moorkroft. In what could be considered its “normal” form, it appeared as a harmless pet ferret which Katrina often wore as a fashion accessory. When Felina Feral and Callie Briggs went to the Megakat City Museum of History to speak with Dr. Abby Sinian concerning the gruesome deaths plaguing Megakat City as well as the mysterious, accelerated aging Felina’s uncle Commander Feral was undergoing, Katrina’s chauffeur Otto followed them and brought the ferret with him. Otto released he ferret which transformed into the tri-head and attacked them. However, the beast was defeated by the Swat Kats. It fought them a second time later at Moorkroft Manor, but was defeated again and killed when they fired their Glovatrixes into two of its mouths, knocking it back into a wall in Katrina’s observatory, causing the wall to collapse on top of it, crushing it.