The Enforcers serve as a paramilitary police force that serves to protect Megakat City.

They handle varying degrees of crime, from burglary to giant monsters.  Led by Commander Ulysses Feral, they are the city’s first line of defense against those that threaten to harm Megakat City and its citizens.

There appear to be several divisions within the Enforcers.  Patrolmen, tank division, air division, even a naval division has been seen.  While their ranking system isn’t clear, there are varying ranks such as Captain and Sergeant among them and second in command under Commander Feral is a Lieutenant Commander.  During the series’ first season, the Lieutenant Commander was Lieutenant Commander Steel.

While not as well equipped as the SWAT Kats, the Enforcers make use of special weaponry.  The standard firearms used are laser instead of projectile.  Oftentimes Commander Feral has to use unorthodox methods in order to try and stop the larger threats, though his attempts are rarely successful.