The alternative dimension version of the Turbokat featuring green gremlin nose art and more aggressive-looking stabilizer details, this was the main vehicle and weapon of the “Dark Side” SWAT Kats.

Also enhanced with technology from Dark Kat, this air superiority fighter-bomber paralleled the SWAT Kat’s Turbokat’s abilities, and far outclassed anything the Enforcers had. Its armament reflected the evil nature of its pilots, carrying a payload destructive Deadhead Missiles, Megaton Missiles, Chomper Missiles and ultimately Dark Kat’s Mega-Detonator Bomb assembled from parts stolen from Puma Dyne.

This Dark Side counterpart was only narrowly stopped in completing its bombing run of Enforcer Headquarters when the Dark Side T-Bone was baited into reengaged the Turbokat, allowing the SWAT Kats to make a surprise recovery and instigate a self-sacraficiing gambit to fire their cement launcher to disable the Mega-Detonator Bomb’s deployment.

This left the Turbokat vulnerable to a rear-firing Scrambler  Missile variant of the Dark Side Turbokat, but the gambit paid-off as the Dark Side Turbokat was unable to drop the bomb, causing the jet and its occupants to explode.